2022 Articles

2021 Annual ARDC Report: A Brief Review By Leonard F. Amari October 2022 A summary of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission's annual report.
Book or Movie? By Hon. Robert J. Anderson, (ret.) February 2022 Reviews of ten books and the movies they inspired.
Book Review: ‘The Last Mona Lisa’ By Gary T. Rafool October 2022 A reivew of "The Last Mona Lisa" by Johnathan Santlofer.
‘Breaker Morant’: A Reflection By John Foltz April 2022 A summary and review of "Breaker Morant," a film based on a true story of a court martial occurring in South Africa at the conclusion of the Boer War.
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Cameras in the Courtroom – A Review By Leonard F. Amari February 2022 A brief overview of the rules in Illinois regarding cameras in the courtroom.
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Exploring Tax-Efficient Planned Giving Techniques to Benefit the Illinois Bar Foundation By George L. Schoenbeck November 2022 The Illinois Bar Foundation has long championed its Lincoln Legacy Society, which recognizes and honors those members of our profession who have pledged to leave a testamentary gift to the IBF.
From the Chair By Marylou Lowder Kent October 2022 A note from the chair.
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From the Chair By Don Mateer April 2022 A introductory note from the chair.
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From the Chair By Don Mateer February 2022 A note from the chair.
How I Spent My Spring Break By Michael J. Rooney April 2022 Reflections from a fishing trip.
Medicare Considerations for Senior Lawyers By David Chroust April 2022 An overview of the ways senior lawyers might cover their health care-related costs as they retire.
‘The Previous Play Is Under Further Review’ By Michael J. Rooney April 2022 An overview of the Illinois Supreme Court Rules of Professional Conduct that govern conflicts of interest.
A ‘QCD’ Can Make You a Philanthropist By Timothy J. Howard October 2022 Making a qualified charitable distribution to your favorite qualified organization creates an opportunity for you to be a philanthropist.
Retirement: Some of Its Joys and Some of Its Concerns By Hon. Robert J. Anderson, (ret.), Albert Durkin, David M. House, Timothy J. Howard, & Gary T. Rafool February 2022 A discussion on some of the interests and concerns of retired attorneys.
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‘Tis the Season for Giving By Marylou Lowder Kent November 2022 An introduction to this special issue of the Senior Lawyers newsletter from the chair.