2023 Articles

Antonin Scalia: From a Child of Immigrants to the United States Supreme Court By Leonard F. Amari June 2023 Whether you love him and his philosophies or not, Justice Scalia, a child of Sicilian immigrants, certainly left his mark and influence in American government.
Be a Pro Bono Volunteer: It’s the Right Thing to Do By Eugenia C. Hunter & Leonard F. Amari February 2023 Senior lawyers, with their many years of experience, are in the perfect position to help meet the need for pro bono legal services.
Book or Movie, Round Two By Judge Robert Anderson, (ret.) February 2023 Reviews of ten books and the movies they inspired.
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Book Review: ‘Fatal February’ by Barbara Levenson By Judge Barb Crowder, (ret.) February 2023 A review and analysis of ‘Fatal February’ by Barbara Levenson.
Book Review: ‘Servants of the Damned (Giant Law Firms, Donald Trump and the Corruption of Justice)’ By Gary T. Rafool February 2023 A review and analysis of ‘Servants of the Damned’ by David Enrich.
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Book Review: ‘The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek’ By Gary T. Rafool June 2023 A summary and review of The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek by Kim Michele Richardson.
Chair’s Column By Marylou Lowder Kent October 2023 A note from the chair.
Chair’s Column By Marylou Lowder Kent February 2023 A note from the chair.
‘Finally Free of the Shakman Decrees’ By Leonard F. Amari October 2023 In 1969, one man—Attorney Michael Shakman—made his stand against the Chicago political machine.
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From My Perspective: Why a Bar Exam? By Justice Lloyd A. Karmeier, (ret.) February 2023 During COVID-19, many jurisdictions adopted emergency measures to ensure that recent law school graduates would not be delayed in their path to bar admission, making some question the need to require any bar exam at all.
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It’s a Small World After All By Michael J. Rooney October 2023 Reflections from a member of the Senior Lawyers Section Council's recent vacation.
New Committee By Dave Chroust June 2023 The Senior Lawyers Section Council recently established a new committee, the Issues Facing Practicing Senior Lawyers Committee, which seeks to determine, understand, and address the issues facing senior lawyers who continue to practice, either on a full time or part time basis.
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Quips, Quotes, and Comebacks Part II— Or, ‘Who the Dickens Said That?’ By Lawrence O. Taliana June 2023 Quotes from famous people that can be stored and used as a ready source of quips, quotes, and comebacks whenever the need arises.
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Reflections for History By Michael Jordan October 2023 Like the public officials we elect, all of us will be judged by our peers.
Retirement? By Roza Gossage June 2023 A humorous potential idea for retirement.
Senior Travels By Judge Barb Crowder, (ret.) October 2023 Reflections on recent travel that highlight the intersection of reality and the Americans with Disabilities Act.
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This One Is Not a ‘Taking’ Says the Seventh Circuit By Michael J. Rooney June 2023 A review of a recent case where the appellate court affirmed a district court dismissal of a claim that the government had “taken” plaintiffs’ property rights when it granted building permits for a residential development in a flood plain.
The United States Supreme Court Stability: A History By Leonard F. Amari February 2023 An analysis of the history of the U.S. Supreme Court.
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Update on the ISBA’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Initiatives Regarding Disability and Disabled People By Patti Chang February 2023 Updates on the ISBA's diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility initiatives with respect to disability and disabled people.
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What Does Operation Greylord Have to Do With Senior Lawyers? By Robert K. Downs June 2023 Operation Greylord was an investigation conducted jointly by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the IRS Criminal Investigation Division, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, the Chicago Police Department Internal Affairs Division, and the Illinois State Police into corruption in the judiciary of Cook County.