2005 Articles

People v. Stipp: Blood serum alcohol concentration test results are admissible in DUI prosecutions under 625 ILCS 5/11-501.4 By J. Brick Van Der Snick January 2005 In People of the State of Illinois v. Stipp, 349 Ill.App.3d 955 (3rd Dist June 23, 2004), the Illinois Appellate Court held that the word "blood"as used in Section 11-501.4 of the Illinois Vehicle Code should be interpreted to include not only whole blood alcohol concentration test results, but whole blood alcohol concentrations converted from blood serum test results.
Recent cases By James J. Ahern & Thomas M. Moran October 2005 Recent traffic cases and cases of interest.
Using the Confrontation Clause to win DUI cases January 2005 The old days of proving up a breath alcohol test by way of introducing the logbook only, as a 'public record' exception to the hearsay rule, are likely over due to the recent U.S. Supreme Court case of Crawford v. Washington.