Illinois Bar Journal

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September 2017Volume 105Number 9Pages 1-52

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Illinois Law Update

Insured's documents are protected from insurer by attorney-client privilege; child support awards now based on income shares model; defendants entitled to counsel at bail hearings; and more.

See cases, legislation, and administrative agencies.


Marketing / Legal Technology | By
Ed Finkel
Chicago-based Road to Status provides immigrants with a DIY application process and attorney referrals. What are the pros and cons for lawyers in joining forces with online legal-service providers?
Family Law | By
Sandra Crawford
Collaborative law, a consensual, non-litigation model of conflict resolution, has been practiced in Illinois for more than 15 years. The Illinois Collaborative Process Act formally recognizes its use in family law and other settings.
Class Actions | By
Paul Geske
In Illinois, defendants can moot a class action case by making an individual settlement offer to a named plaintiff. Fortunately for class members, plaintiffs have ways to preempt this move. Here's the state of the law.
Criminal Law | By
Anthony Gough
Eligible offenders can petition the court for a certificate of good conduct, which among other things lowers the liability risk for employers who hire them. Here's why and how to help your client get one.
Appellate Practice
Fewer oral arguments are held in the Illinois Appellate Court these days - and that's not a good thing, Illinois' chief justice says.
Family Law
The new income shares child support calculus can produce dramatically different results from the old percentage guidelines.
Criminal Law
Q. Can you expunge dismissed counts of a file when one count is not yet eligible for expungement but all counts are in the same file?
Family Law
Q. How do you usually determine parents' contributions towards extracurricular activities in martial settlement agreements?


Implicit bias.
President's Page | By
Hon. Russell W. Hartigan
Special committees on succession planning, the future of the profession, and gun violence will be among the groups shaping the ISBA agenda this bar year.
Finding Illinois Law | By
Jesse Bowman
Municipal code provisions might have make-or-break importance for your client, but they don't appear on Westlaw or Fastcase. Here's how to find them.
Pointers from Practice HQ | By
Jennifer Ramovs
What you need to know about starting your own firm.
ISBA staff members were installed last month as presidents of two of the leading organizations serving the bar association community.