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"My Legislation" Bill Tracker from LIS

The General Assembly, through the efforts of the Legislative Information Service, is offering citizens a free service to track legislation and new public acts. The revamped General Assembly website has a button in the lower left-hand corner under "My Legislation" that allows an individual to track legislation that interests him or her. Anyone may sign up to do this.

To use the service, go to the General Assembly website at this link: http://www.ilga.gov. Then, look for a button in the lower left-hand corner that says "My Legislation" and follow the directions.

This service can also be used to discover new public acts affecting your practice area. For example, although the ILCS query in "My Legislation" does not give you new chapters, you can search by limiting your query to bills that have passed both chambers and find all of the amendments to the Motor Vehicle Code, Code of Criminal Procedure, Probate Act, Juvenile Court Act, etc.

Note: You must configure your internet browser to allow pop-ups for the General Assembly website for "my legislation" to work.

Our thanks to Adrienne Albrecht for her suggestions on how this can be helpful to you.

Jim Covington
Director of Legislative Affairs
Illinois State Bar Association