Articles From 1999

Chair’s Column By Thomas D. Cavenagh Alternative Dispute Resolution, November 1999 It is an honor and a privilege to serve this year as the chair of the distinguished group of professionals serving as section council members and for the members of the Section at large.
Chair’s Column Alternative Dispute Resolution, June 1999 This marks the final newsletter for our 1998-1999 year. It has been a pleasure for me to serve in this capacity.
Chair’s Column Alternative Dispute Resolution, April 1999 In previous issues, I have made mention of the fact that our section council was proceeding to draft legislation regarding the certification of mediators in Illinois.
Chair’s Column By Herb Bell Alternative Dispute Resolution, January 1999 In my previous chair's column, I outlined in a very general way the goals for the ADR Section Council
The chair’s corner By Richard D. Hannigan Workers’ Compensation Law, November 1999 We're about to enter a new century and some of us, me included, are still in the early 90's, doubting that computers and this Internet stuff will affect our practice.
Challenges to selling products in Europe: The EU metric-only labeling requirement Intellectual Property, September 1999 Article 3 of EU Council Directive 80/181 requires that all products sold in the European Union--whether domestically produced or imported--must have metric-only labeling beginning January 1, 2000.
Changes in Illinois wage deduction law By Michael M. Durr Young Lawyers Division, April 1999 On January 1, 1999, the Illinois wage deduction statute (735 ILCS 5/12-801, et seq.) was amended by the General Assembly.
Chapter 12 DIP avoids landlord’s lien on crops By Jeffrey D. Richardson Commercial Banking, Collections, and Bankruptcy, December 1999 The United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Illinois has held that a Chapter 12 Debtor-in-Possession can use the lien avoidance powers granted a trustee to avoid the landlord's crop lien granted by Illinois statute in 735 ILCS 5/9-316.
Chicago conference a success! By Ann Breen-Greco Administrative Law, August 1999 If you did not attend NAALJ's recent midyear conference, which was held in Chicago May 6-8, you missed a program which was, in many ways, unique among legal programs.
Chicago’s Business Taxpayers Assistance Ordinance: Chicago enacts its version of a Taxpayer Bill of Rights By Stanley R. Kaminski State and Local Taxation, July 1999 On May 12, 1999, the Chicago Business Taxpayers Assistance Ordinance was passed by the Chicago City Council.
Chicago’s smorgasbord of taxes State and Local Taxation, March 1999 A new client enters your office stating their desire to open a new five-star hotel on the lakefront of downtown Chicago and wants you to handle any and all Chicago tax compliance issues.
Child to concrete cage: Solution du jour to greater violence-younger child syndrome By Frank Rago Child Law, February 1999 A recent study has found additional causative factors explaining why many children will advance no further than to a concrete cage, the solution du jour.
Children’s assistance programs Young Lawyers Division, October 1999 Over lunch one day at the Hickory Pit Restaurant, a good friend and colleague, John Fallon, told me about an organization that he actively supports and the inspiring story its founder, Ann Deuel. Ms. Deuel, guided by a divine sense of purpose, established Jamal Place, Inc., a not-for-profit agency established for children to provide therapeutic group home care for behavior disordered and socially or emotionally disturbed preteen and adolescents.
Choosing the correct forum for riverboat casino employees By Kurt Niermann Workers’ Compensation Law, January 1999 The Jones Act, the Longshore & Harbor Workers Compensation Act or the Illinois Workers Compensation Act may all apply to the various workers of riverboat casinos.
Circuit court statistics Bench and Bar, June 1999 Preliminary statistical data compiled by the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts show the following with regard to law jury cases over $50,000 terminated by verdict in the circuit courts during 1998.
Cites from June 1999 issue Insurance Law, October 1999 American Family Mutual Insurance Company v. Hinde, 302 Ill.App.3d 227, 705 N.E.2d 956, 235 Ill. Dec. 773 (2nd dist. 1999)
Cites from March 1999 issue Insurance Law, June 1999 American Alliance Insurance Company v. IARW Insurance Company, Ltd., 165 F.3d 558 (7th Cir. 1999)
Civil litigation practice reminder: Workers’ compensation lien and proceeds from uninsured/underinsured policies By Mark Brown Young Lawyers Division, May 1999 Your client was in an automobile accident while in the course of working for his employer.
Civil practice update By Patrick J. Hitpas General Practice, Solo, and Small Firm, October 1999 The Illinois Supreme Court has held that the amendment to the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act which repealed the Act's treble damages provision, and limited recovery for violations of the Act to actual damages, costs, and attorney fees, is to be applied retroactively.
Civil Practice Update By Patrick J. Hitpas General Practice, Solo, and Small Firm, March 1999 Supreme Court Rule 239 has been amended effective January 1, 1999, to add the following language:
Claims-made policy Insurance Law, October 1999 The 1991, Aetna issued a claims made pension and welfare fund fiduciary responsibility insurance policy to the Allsteel Retirement Income Plan with a policy period of December 31, 1991 to December 31, 1992.
The Clean Water Act and the Tulloch Rule By James D. Cottrell Agricultural Law, March 1999 Maintenance of agricultural surface water drainage improvements has always been of the utmost importance in the state of Illinois, whether performed by individual farmers, or by the many drainage districts which have been formed in the last century.
Co-editor’s note By John L. Nisivaco Tort Law, December 1999 Our first article is written by Cook County Circuit Court Associate Judges Daniel T. Gillespie and Mary K. Rochford.
Co-editor’s note Tort Law, May 1999 Our first article is by section council member Scott B. Gibson, Scott B. Gibson, Ltd., Waukegan, Illinois. Mr. Gibson represented the plaintiff in Henrich v. Libertyville High School, et al.
Co-editor’s note Business and Securities Law, March 1999 In addition to our usual columns, this issue contains articles by Dexter Johnson on how to Stay Out of Trouble with the SEC, and Brent Gwillim on Piercing the Corporate Veil.
Co-editor’s note Tort Law, January 1999 The first article, by section council member Charles Winkler, Winkler and Gorey, Ltd., discusses the new amended CTA notice requirement.
Collateral estoppel Insurance Law, June 1999 Insurer that defended insured in underlying action without reservation of rights was collaterally estopped from relitigating issue of insured's liability in subsequent arbitration.
Collegium news Business Advice and Financial Planning, September 1999 This year the section again successfully ran its annual collegium at two separate venues: Chicago and Springfield.
Commencement of 30-day period to remove state court cases to federal district court commences with service of process, not earlier notices of the lawsuit By Gregory G. Thiess Corporate Law Departments, October 1999 In recent years a developing body of case law has suggested that the mandatory 30-day period allotted to defendants to remove state court civil actions to federal courts, may begin to run before the formal receipt of process by that defendant.
Community spouse wins large Medicaid asset transfer amount By Steven C. Perlis Elder Law, November 1999 In a recent case in Cook County Chancery Division, a community spouse applying for Medicaid for her nursing facility resident husband succeeded in a contested case in keeping assets above the $81,960 asset allowance and income above the $2,049 monthly income allowance.