Articles From 1999

Editor’s column By Malcolm L. Morris Business Advice and Financial Planning, September 1999 At long last, "The Counselor" arriveth. Our apologies for the delay.
Editor’s column By Malcolm L. Morris Business Advice and Financial Planning, April 1999 This edition comes a little later than usual, but we think you will agree the wait was worthwhile.
Editor’s column By Malcolm L. Morris Business Advice and Financial Planning, January 1999 This is a special edition of our newsletter devoted to the section's upcoming collegium.
Editor’s corner By John T. Phipps General Practice, Solo, and Small Firm, November 1999 ISBA President Cheryl I. Niro has proclaimed the theme of her bar year as the "Lawyer as Healer."
Editor’s note By John L. Conlon Administrative Law, December 1999 This edition of the newsletter has articles on important topics for antitrust practitioners.
Editor’s note By Michael L. English Federal Taxation, November 1999 At the September 24, 1999, meeting of the Federal Taxation Section Council, the members of the council heard a guest presentation by Edith Siler, Senior Attorney with the Office of IRS District Counsel, in Chicago.
Editor’s note By Cecilia Hynes Griffin Family Law, October 1999 In order to best serve our readers, we would like to know what topics you would like to see in the newsletter.
Editor’s note Labor and Employment Law, July 1999 This issue contains an interesting article pointing out distinctions between substantive law and remedies under the Illinois Human Rights Act in comparison to federal law.
Editor’s note Real Estate Law, May 1999 In this newsletter, we are treated with three interesting articles involving three diverse topics.
Editor’s note Trusts and Estates, February 1999 Editor's note: This newsletter issue contains a compendium of recent Illinois estate and probate decisions prepared by Donald L. Metzger of Edwardsville, Illinois.
Editor’s note: New publication State and Local Taxation, March 1999 Illinois tax practitioners will want to examine a Research Institute of America publication, "Illinois Tax Handbook." Its author, Mr. Stanley R. Kaminski, is secretary of the State and Local Taxation Section Council. The
Editor’s notes By Eleanor F. Dein Sharpe Real Estate Law, November 1999 This issue of Real Property supplies information on both familiar topics and others that may not be familiar to many of us.
Editors’ notes By Paul A. Meints & Mark E. Zumdahl Trusts and Estates, October 1999 This issue is unusual from a couple of perspectives, none of which is really obvious to the reader.
Editor’s notes Real Estate Law, September 1999 The first article selected for this issue of Real Property is based on a very recent United States Supreme Court decision and should be of much interest to those practitioners who represent commercial mortgagors or their mortgagees, as well as those involved in mortgage foreclosures.
Editor’s notes By Paul A. Meints & Mark E. Zumdahl Trusts and Estates, September 1999 This first issue of Volume 46 of the Trusts and Estates newsletter contains four articles.
Editor’s notes By Gary R. Gehlbach Real Estate Law, June 1999 This issue contains five excellent articles. The first, by Ed Jarot, is an important note on pending Illinois legislation regarding land trusts and of particular interest to attorneys who wish to return to using Illinois land trusts for family gifting purposes, especially to reduce potential taxable estates through annual exclusion gifting.
Editor’s notes Trusts and Estates, May 1999 Editor's note: This issue of the Trusts and Estates newsletter contains three interesting articles. The first article is by Deanne Morgan of Saint & Carmichael, P.C., Bloomington, Illinois.
Editor’s notes Real Estate Law, March 1999 This newsletter contains articles on two timely mortgage issues.
Editors’ notes State and Local Taxation, February 1999 Recently, the mayor of the city of Chicago, Richard M. Daley, and the Cook County assessor, James Houlihan, sponsored a program to provide homeowners, who are on low-income budgets, assistance in financing the payment of their real estate taxes.
Editor’s notes Real Estate Law, February 1999 Both articles selected for this issue of Real Property are based on very recent Illinois appellate court decisions, both come out of the First District and, of particular interest to the real estate practitioner, both are Illinois cases of first impression.
Editor’s notes By Nancy Hyzer Real Estate Law, January 1999 This issue is mainly devoted to a case law update. The case law contributors are members of the Winnebago County Bar Association who concentrate their practices in real estate law.
EEOC has authority to compel federal agencies to pay compensatory damages for employment discrimination in violation of Title VII By Michael J. Calhoun Administrative Law, September 1999 In West v. Gibson, 119 S. Ct. 1906 (1999), the United States Supreme Court held that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ("EEOC") has authority to require federal agencies to pay compensatory damages for employment discrimination in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, 42 U.S.C. § 2000e et seq.
Effective waiver of beneficial interests and expectancies in judgment of dissolution of marriage By Timothy E. Duggan General Practice, Solo, and Small Firm, February 1999 There are a number of cases in which a party fails to change his beneficiary designations after dissolution of marriage, leaving an ex-spouse as the designated beneficiary of life insurance, pension plan, or other asset.
Efforts in Illinois to create a more effective administrative law system By Edward J. Schoenbaum Administrative Law, March 1999 Illinois studied the new provisions of the 1981 Model State Administrative Procedure Act that provided for an Office of Administrative Hearings.
An elder-friendly office Elder Law, November 1999 In a recent article in the ABA Journal, Jerome Ira Solkoff suggests ways to make a lawyer's office inviting to older persons.
Elderly services officers training program By Mardyth E. Pollard Elder Law, April 1999 The state of Illinois is the national leader in becoming the first in the nation to provide elderly services officers (ESO) training.
Electronic imaging of court documents Bench and Bar, December 1999 On October 1, 1999, the Illinois Supreme Court entered the following administrative order (M.R. 16182): Until further order of the Court, St. Clair County is authorized to function as a pilot site for electronic imaging of documents filed in traffic (TR) cases.
The emerging role of efficiencies in merger analysis By Michele R. Namm & Rebecca A.D. Nelson December 1999 The past few years have witnessed increasing merger activity and the corresponding evolution of the methodology for analyzing the competitive impact of mergers.
Eminent domain—public use and private benefit By John H. Brechin Local Government Law, November 1999 An essential element of any valid eminent domain action is that the property be taken to benefit the public instead of private individuals.