Articles From 2000

From the chair By Michael F. O’Brien Human and Civil Rights, October 2000 The Human Rights Section Council should have some interesting meetings this year. In an attempt to convert our business meetings into more of a "retreat" format, we have invited some outside experts to liven up our meetings with discussions of the pros and cons of such diverse topics as school choice, the proposed "prosecutorial misconduct" legislation and the estate planning certification proposal under consideration by ISBA.
From the chair By Arthur J. Inman Human and Civil Rights, April 2000 This issue features more by editor Pat Hughes on the efforts to reform death penalty litigation.
From the chair Human and Civil Rights, February 2000 Welcome to the February, 2000, issue of the Human Rights newsletter. Pat Hughes, our editor, does double duty in this issue with an article of his own on recent significant developments in criminal procedure in Illinois, especially including provisions for prosecution and defense of capital cases.
From the chair— multidisciplinary practice update By Paul Bernstein Law Office Management and Economics, Standing Committee on, February 2000 Under the dynamic leadership of, among others, Cheryl I. Niro, Illinois State Bar Association President, and Attorney Terrence J. Lavin, co-chair of the ISBA Task Force on Multidisciplinary Practice, the ABA's race towards seeing the huge accounting firms able to own law firms has been slowed down, and properly so.
From the co-editor By Robert C. Knuepfer, Jr. Business and Securities Law, October 2000 This edition of the newsletter has several interesting articles, with a focus on the internet, including a look at the new Anti-cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act, and a thoughtful analysis of doing an IPO "road show" over the Internet.
From the editor Trusts and Estates, August 2000 This is the first newsletter following the annual meeting in Lake Geneva. I personally thank the retiring chair, Walt Zukowski, for his help and encouragement this past year.
From the editor By Donna J. Cunningham Business and Securities Law, June 2000 This edition of the newsletter has several interesting articles, including a discussion of arbitration issues in the securities industry, and an informative analysis of "angel" funding for start-up companies.
From the editor By Robert C. Knuepfer, Jr. Business and Securities Law, April 2000 This is the first regular newsletter for 2000.
From the editors Trusts and Estates, November 2000 Our compilation this month includes several disparate cases. The first concerns an unhappy residual beneficiary who wants to avert a bequest going to a college that is about to close.
From the Illinois Supreme Court By Donald R. Parkinson Criminal Justice, September 2000 The Illinois Supreme Court held that the defendant's petition for post-conviction relief was properly dismissed without an evidentiary hearing.
From the Illinois Supreme Court Criminal Justice, February 2000 Justice Bilandic wrote the opinion that found that 625 ILCS 5/12-0611 violated the first amendment.
From the new chair By Michael F. O’Brien Human and Civil Rights, June 2000 This section council's name, "Human Rights," as well as the title of its newsletter, "Constitutional Law and Liberty," reflect somewhat the inevitably diverse opinions of its members.
From the outgoing chair By Arthur J. Inman Human and Civil Rights, June 2000 We joined the Criminal Justice Section Council in a program at the annual meeting dealing with privacy issues, especially but not exclusively as privacy is affected by technology.
From the United States Supreme Court By Donald C. Hudson Criminal Justice, September 2000 On October 13, 1995 an anonymous caller reported to the Miami-Dade Police that a young black male standing at a particular bus stop and wearing a plaid shirt was carrying a gun.
From the United States Supreme Court By Donald C. Hudson Criminal Justice, June 2000 The respondent was convicted of sodomy and weapons possession in New York. The respondent testified in his own defense at trial stating that he had consensual intercourse with the alleged victim.
From the United States Supreme Court By Donald C. Hudson Criminal Justice, April 2000 The respondent Wardlow fled upon seeing police officers patrolling an area known for heavy narcotics trafficking.
General information Workers' Compensation Law, June 2000 According to the Spring 2000 issue of Commission News, the Illinois Industrial Commission's publication, arbitrators decided, settled or dismissed nearly 73,000 workers' compensation cases in fiscal year 1999.
GMO contract issues: practical tips for advising clients By Jeffrey Quick Agricultural Law, August 2000 Production agriculture in Illinois continues to witness remarkable as well as revolutionary changes.
The good faith exception to the requirement of timely issuance of summons Administrative Law, May 2000 Brazas v. Property Tax Appeal Board, 722 N.E.2d 1193 (Ill. App., 2d Dist., 1999), is a case also concerned with the timely issuance of summons. There, the petitioner challenged the real estate tax assessment of certain residential property.
The good, the bad, and the ugly of contracted arbitration By John N. Cannon Alternative Dispute Resolution, February 2000 It is common for collective bargaining agreements and commercial contracts to include provisions for arbitrating disputes.
Government lawyer survey now on Committee on Government Lawyers’ Web site Government Lawyers, November 2000 The brief survey for government lawyers that first appeared as a part of the first Committee on Government Lawyers newsletter now also appears on the Committee's sub-site on the ISBA's Web site.
Grandparents raising grandchildren: the lawyer’s role By Daniel M. Moore, Jr. Elder Law, May 2000 Grandparents often say--not completely in jest--that the great thing about this role is that you can send grandchildren home at night.
Guardianship pamphlet published Elder Law, October 2000 The ISBA recently published a pamphlet "On Being A Guardian," the latest in its series of pamphlets for lawyers to distribute to their clients.
HB3093: Tree clearing legislation sent to Governor for approval By James D. Cottrell Agricultural Law, August 2000 In May of this year, House Bill 3093, concerning tree and soil conservation was submitted to the governor for his signature.
Health care fraud is everybody’s business By Lee Beneze Elder Law, May 2000 The Illinois Department on Aging is a participant, along with other state and federal agencies, in a federal initiative called "Operation Restore Trust."
Health Care Section Council’s Research Assistant Health Care Law, September 2000 The Internet has become a critical component for many of us in our daily personal and professional lives.
Health care: The Office of the Attorney General and how it can be of assistance to you By Mardyth E. Pollard Elder Law, June 2000 Quality health care is an issue that affects all of us; and as we grow older, good health care becomes even more important in our daily lives.
Health insurance continuation coverage—state or federal By Dawn R. Hallsten General Practice, Solo, and Small Firm, September 2000 Where applicable, Illinois employer-sponsored group health insurance plans must offer eligible individuals the choice of continuation coverage under the federal Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) and the Illinois "mini-Cobra" laws.
Here’s your inheritance, but pay the tax before you leave By Malcolm L. Morris Trusts and Estates, November 2000 "You inherit $100," is one of the better cards to draw in Monopoly. Learning of an inheritance is not a bad piece of news in the real world either--or is it?
Hey, that’s my dirt! Subsurface trespass in horizontally drilled wells By Joy Stevens Mineral Law, November 2000 The Egyptians coated mummies and sealed their pyramids with it. The Babylonians, Assyrians, and Persians used it to pave their streets and to hold their walls and buildings together.