Articles From 2000

Downstate road contractor violated Illinois Antitrust Act By Marija Popovic April 2000 The Illinois Attorney General filed suit against two contractors of road oil, Debrun and Hausmann, on April 6, 1998 in the Illinois Circuit Court of the Forth Judicial Circuit in Fayette County, Illinois.
Driving relief from 11-501.6 and 11-501.8 Summary suspensions By Edward M. Maloney Traffic Laws and Courts, March 2000 Upon the arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol a police officer is required to issue a statutory summary suspension to the arrested motorist.
DUI supervisions are no longer expungeable and allegations subsequent to supervision event may preclude expungement By Angela Peters Traffic Laws and Courts, July 2000 20 ILCS 2630/5 governs the expungement of arrest-related records. "... Whenever an adult or minor prosecuted as an adult, not having previously been convicted of any criminal offense or municipal ordinance violation, charged with a violation of a municipal ordinance or a felony or a misdemeanor, is acquitted or released without being convicted,...,
The duty of a lessor to mitigate damages of a defaulting lessee when the lease has a liquidated damages clause By Jack H. Tibbetts Real Estate Law, May 2000 Illinois law mandates a lessor has a duty to mitigate damages of a defaulting lessee. This duty was created by a statute effective January 1,1984.
Early stage venture finance: sources of data for the “angel” round By William A. Price Business and Securities Law, June 2000 "Angel" finance deals, according to "The Process and Analysis Behind ACE-Net," a policy paper on the U.S. Small Business Administration Website, number about 650,000, and involve about ten private investors each, at about $65-66,000 per investor.
Editor’s column General Practice, Solo, and Small Firm, November 2000 In talking with other lawyers throughout the state it seems that this has been the summer of complications.
Editor’s column Business Advice and Financial Planning, November 2000 Another year has gone by and the section council proudly has continued its longstanding record of service to the practicing bar.
Editor’s column General Practice, Solo, and Small Firm, September 2000 Babette Brennan's lead article "Simple Wills, Tricky Issues" reiterates a point that we general practitioners, particularly those of us that have practiced long enough to remember simpler times, can relate to.
Editor’s column Business Advice and Financial Planning, September 2000 Greetings to all new members of the Business Advice and Financial Planning Section, and to our returnees, "welcome back."
Editor’s column Business Advice and Financial Planning, June 2000 We close out this year's cycle of newsletters with a focus on estate planning and tax matters.
Editor’s column General Practice, Solo, and Small Firm, May 2000 We attended the ABA Editor's Conference in connection with the ABA Tech Show in Chicago, Illinois on March 30 and April 1.
Editor’s column By Malcolm L. Morris Business Advice and Financial Planning, February 2000 This edition of "The Counselor" is devoted to the upcoming collegium
Editor’s corner By Edna Turkington-Viktora General Practice, Solo, and Small Firm, March 2000 In response to the American Judicature Society's call for state participation, Honorable Charles Freeman, then Chief Justice of the Illinois Supreme Court, designated a team of four judges to represent Illinois in a national conference on pro se litigants held recently in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Editor’s note By Richard W. Zuckerman Family Law, October 2000 (Film opens in a doctor's office. Doctor is on the telephone as camera dollies in for a tight shot of the doctor)
Editor’s note By Thomas D. Cavenagh Alternative Dispute Resolution, October 2000 It has been my hope during my time as newsletter editor, that each issue contains something of interest to all members of the section.
Editor’s note Child Law, October 2000 Have you always wanted to be a published writer?
Editor’s note September 2000 A common statement today is that we are now in a global marketplace.
Editor’s note By Cecilia Hynes Griffin Family Law, June 2000 As editor of the Family Law Section Newsletter, I receive copies of the newsletters issued by all of the section councils.
Editor’s note By Cecilia Hynes Griffin Family Law, May 2000 Thanks to those authors who contributed to this edition of the newsletter. If you would like to submit an article, please contact me at 312/782-4244 or
Editor’s note Real Estate Law, May 2000 The first article chosen for this newsletter is an interesting analysis of a seller's liability under Illinois law for failure to disclose matters of public record.
Editor’s note By W. Eugene Basanta Health Care Law, May 2000 One of the most discussed current issues in health care involves so-called "medical error."
Editor’s note Workers' Compensation Law, April 2000 You don't have to be a member of the section council to submit articles for the newsletter.
Editor’s note By John L. Conlon Administrative Law, April 2000 In the last newsletter I noted the apparent demise of antitrust considerations in mega-mergers with the green light given to the Exxon-Mobil merger.
Editor’s note By Michael L. English Federal Taxation, February 2000 At the December 9, 1999 meeting of the Federal Taxation Section Council, it was announced that one of the members of the section council, Professor Karen V. Kole had accepted the position of Director of the Federal Tax Clinic of the Center for Law and Human Services (CLHS).
Editor’s note By Cecilia Hynes Griffin Family Law, January 2000 Thanks for the many responses I received from readers of the newsletter regarding topics of interest.
Editor’s note: the “Green Sheet” is no longer green State and Local Taxation, April 2000 For those of you who thought the "Green Sheet" for a closing could be completed at closing, think again. Starting January 1, 2000 the sheet is no longer green, and it is labeled Form "PTAX-203."
Editor’s notes Real Estate Law, October 2000 This month we are featuring home repair contractors uniting with mortgage lenders, property powers of attorney, and attorney approval clauses in residential real estate contracts.
Editor’s notes Real Estate Law, August 2000 Regular subscribers of Real Property need no introduction to Stanley Balbach, who has spoken and written so much for so long on so many real estate related matters that it would be redundant to go further; suffice it to say that Stan practices with the firm of Balbach & Fehr, in Urbana, Illinois (P.O. Box 217).
Editor’s notes Mineral Law, August 2000 In the June, 2000 of the Mineral Law Section Council Newsletter, your editor failed to credit Landman magazine for granting permission to republish the article, "Bankruptcy Issues in Oil and Gas," by Mr. David W. Elmquist.
Editor’s notes By Christopher L. Weber Mineral Law, June 2000 On behalf of the members of the Mineral Law Section Council, I would like to thank Peter A. Morse, Sr. for his commitment in serving as the editor of the Mineral Law newsletter from 1997­2000.