Articles From 2002

Seventh Circuit—still paramour-friendly By Alisa B. Arnoff Labor and Employment Law, December 2002 The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, in mid-September, affirmed its practice of refusing to recognize "paramour claims" in the context of Title VII sexual discrimination lawsuits.
Shifting responsibility under the new antidegradation rule By Margaret P. Howard Environmental Law, March 2002 On February 21, 2002 the Illinois Pollution Control Board ("Board") adopted amendments to its "nondegradation" rule found at 35 Ill. Adm. Code 302.105.
Should Illinois adopt the RUAA? By Michael Wise Alternative Dispute Resolution, February 2002 The National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws has revised the Uniform Arbitration Act.
Should your child client be in a different school? By Joy Rogers Child Law, February 2002 Selection of an appropriate school for a child may become a legal matter in a variety of situations including delinquency, neglect and/or abuse, child custody, special education conflicts, and McKinney Act issues. Parties in such actions are often in conflict about what school arrangements are best for the affected child. The issues to be weighed are complex.
Significant recent case law affecting fire departments and fire protection districts By Shawn P. Flaherty & Thomas Gilbert Local Government Law, May 2002 The following is a review of those significant case law decisions issued in 2001 that affect Illinois fire departments and fire protection districts.
The six candidates for Illinois’ top three elected legal offices Young Lawyers Division, October 2002 After 24 years of Republican mismanagement, budget deficits, and a recession, I believe Illinois can do better. I grew up the son of working class immigrants and have lived the American dream.
Six-person juries in criminal cases By Steve Baker Criminal Justice, December 2002 The subject of six-person juries has recently come up in DuPage County. Several local private attorneys choose to utilize them.
So, You Want to Open Your Own Firm? One Attorney’s Tale From the Front By Christopher T. Hurley Young Lawyers Division, April 2002 Looking back, the only regret I have is not taking the leap sooner.
So you’re looking for a job? By Trisha Crowley Government Lawyers, December 2002 Lawyers working for government agencies are frequently affected by the biennial or quadrennial election process.
Software savings: businesses can reap substantial tax savings from the proper structuring of their software purchases By Stanley R. Kaminski State and Local Taxation, February 2002 Virtually every state imposes a tax on the sale, lease or license of software (i.e., normally non-customized software) under their respective sales/use taxes.
Someone you should know: Juanita Temple By Doris J. Funches Government Lawyers, August 2002 Inspired to pursue a legal career when our country was experiencing political and social change due to Watergate and the Civil Rights Movement, Juanita S. Temple is the epitome of an accomplished attorney, brightened with skill while maintaining a watchful eye on the community.
Someone you should know: Paige Reed By Judith Hahn & Polly Hampton Government Lawyers, June 2002 Describing the balancing act between career and family as challenging is an understatement.
Someone you should know: Peg Rawles By Katie Williams Government Lawyers, February 2002 As nearly every human being does, Margaret M. "Peg" Rawles has gone through a series of phases in her life.
Special trusts By Michael C. Wiedel Trusts and Estates, April 2002 In estate planning as well as asset management, the dilemma of the adult disabled child often presents itself.
State and Local Taxation Section Council minutes State and Local Taxation, June 2002 Vice Chair James W. Chipman convened the meeting of the SALT Section Council at 12:15 P.M.
State and Local Taxation Section Council minutes State and Local Taxation, April 2002 Chair Timothy E. Moran convened the meeting of the SALT Section Council at 12:10 P.M. The Secretary recorded the following members in attendance:
State and Local Taxation Section Council minutes State and Local Taxation, February 2002 Chair Timothy E. Moran convened the meeting of the SALT Section Council at 9:00 A.M.
State and Local Taxation Section Council minutes State and Local Taxation, February 2002 Chair Timothy E. Moran convened the meeting of the SALT Section Council at 8:10 A.M. Although the meeting was scheduled for 9:00 A.M., this meeting was advanced to 8:00 A.M. due to scheduling conflicts.
The State and Local Taxation Section Council: 66 years of service and success State and Local Taxation, July 2002 Franklin D. Roosevelt was serving his first term as president of an isolationist nation struggling to pull itself out of the Great Depression.
State appropriations to court system for fiscal year 2002 Bench and Bar, January 2002 In the October 2001, issue of this newsletter, there were some typographical errors in the article on appropriations by Hon. Dennis Dohm (ret.).
State legislative update By Lori C. Skinner Employee Benefits, January 2002 Senate Bill 866--Amends the Illinois Insurance Code and the Health Maintenance Organization Act to provide that coverage under those Acts for mastectomies must include reconstruction of the subject breast, as well as the other breast, to achieve a symmetrical appearance.
State Supreme Court invalidates grandparent visitation statute Elder Law, June 2002 The fate of grandparent visitation laws could be seen as an example of the checks and balances of our republic at work: the Legislature giveth and the courts taketh away.
Statutory developments By Kelley Beehner Administrative Law, March 2002 The Illinois Administrative Procedure Act (5 ILCS 100) was amended by three Public Acts.
Stop! I want off! By Thomas J. Brannan Law Office Management and Economics, Standing Committee on, January 2002 If you practice law--you know the feeling. At best, it is a monthly event, at worst, a daily event.
Stops along the Information Superhighway—where to complain on (or about) the Internet Elder Law, January 2002 If you have e-mail and access to the Internet, you may have found some things that irritate or disturb you--unsolicited e-mail that promises (among other things) to get you out of debt, make huge amounts of money or enlarge certain body parts (these messages are known as spam), websites that take money but don't deliver the promised goods or services, and the darker side of the Net: pornography and child exploitation.
Strategic use of vehicular damage evidence in personal injury litigation By Michael J. Marovich Civil Practice and Procedure, November 2002 Litigants often seek to use evidence about the extent of vehicular damage to influence a jury's assessment of the severity of resulting personal injuries.
Strategies for estate planning: A summary of EGTRRA 2001 provisions with immediate effect on planning By James M. Lestikow Trusts and Estates, April 2002 After all the rhetoric in Congress, and by the President, on the need to do away with "death taxes," the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 (EGTRRA) was enacted.
Structuring an LLC operating agreement By Herbert J. Klein Business Advice and Financial Planning, November 2002 Limited liability companies (LLC) have become a popular choice for entity selection.
Subject index to substantive articles in volumes 36, 37, 38 & 39 of The Corporate Lawyer Corporate Law Departments, June 2002 * An in-house counsel's guide to dealing with cybersquatters--part I (ICCAN's Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy)
Subsequent and intervening accidents By Kenneth E. Baime Workers’ Compensation Law, April 2002 Frequently an issue arises when a petitioner, who suffered a work related injury, suffers some type of subsequent injury.