2012 Articles

Administrative law update By Melissa Anne Maye July 2012 A new Illinois Department of Natural Resources rule, effective April 1, 2012.
Beloved pets—The oft-overlooked legal quagmire By Jennifer A. Shaw October 2012 As practitioners we must affirmatively meet our obligation to ensure that our clients’ animal needs are being met in the advice we give and the legal documents we prepare.
Caselaw update By Melissa Anne Maye July 2012 Updates of interest to animal law practitioners.
Comments from the incoming Chair By Peter Canalia July 2012 A message from Section Chair Peter Canalia.
Editor’s corner By Melissa Anne Maye January 2012 An update of recent events affecting animal law practitioners.
Federal preemption and animal regulation By A. Bryan Endres & Megan R. Galey July 2012 The recent case of National Meat Association v. Harris, pitted a trade association against California’s Attorney General. Although the litigation was confined to the scope of the Federal Meat Inspection Act, the Court’s holding could apply to other state efforts to regulate animal welfare.
“Give Me Shelter”—an overview of legal issues facing public and private animal shelters, Part IV By Jane McBride January 2012 The fourth and final installment in this series that examines the risks and responsibilities involved in serving as a shelter legal advisor.
ISBA President challenges Illinois lawyers to fight hunger October 2012 ISBA President John Thies invites all law firms and legal organizations statewide to participate in a food and fundraising drive during the final two weeks in February 2013.
Pending legislation affecting animal law By Melissa Anne Maye January 2012 Bills that became effective on the first of this year, of interest to those who practice animal law.
The point-and-click puppy problem—a proposed federal rule would address online puppy mills By Page Pardo October 2012 In Part 1 of a two-part series, the author investigates the USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service's proposed revisions to the definition of “retail pet store” in the federal regulations, which would close the loopholes that currently exempt "retail pet stores" from the basic animal welfare standards and requirements of the Animal Welfare Act.
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