2016 Articles

Animal law and environmental law: Exploring the connections and synergies By Angela Peters December 2016 Environmental law, with its intricate layers of international, federal, state, and local laws, is more established than its animal law counterpart. Yet animal law faces many of the same legal and strategic challenges that environmental law faced in seeking to establish a more secure foothold, both in the U.S. and abroad.
Animal laws in the news By Melissa Anne Maye September 2016 Three recent cases of interest to animal law practitioners.
Assistance and service animals in the housing context By Margherita M. Albarello May 2016 When must a housing provider allow a tenant to have an animal?
Dogs in cars—The Amended Humane Care for Animals Act By Melissa Anne Maye June 2016 What actions can a concerned person legally take if he or she sees an animal locked in a parked car on a hot day?
Editor’s corner By Melissa Anne Maye May 2016 An introduction to the issue from Editor Melissa Anne Maye.
Emotional support animals on campus By Robert L. Miller June 2016 While requests for emotional support animals on campuses are not new, the frequency and variety of these requests has been growing over the last several years.
Illinois top for animal protection laws, but fight continues By Ken Stalkfleet May 2016 The Animal Legal Defense Fund ranked Illinois as the top jurisdiction in the United States for animal protection for the eighth consecutive year in 2015. However, the report also listed several potential improvements.
In a divorce, Illinois courts have no authority to order pet “visitation” By Michele M. Jochner May 2016 In the first case of its kind in Illinois, the First District Appellate Court has ruled that courts have no authority to enter an order requiring that a soon-to-be ex-spouse have “visitation” rights with pets.
Message from the Chair By Ledy VanKavage September 2016 A message from Animal Law Section Chair Ledy VanKavage.
On the Listserve – “B-a-a-a-a-ning Goats” By Melissa Anne Maye June 2016 A recent discussion on the ISBA's General Discussion Group involved village ordinances and goats.
Temporary nuisance production agriculture in the cross-hairs again By Stephen R. Kaufmann September 2016 On May 24, 2016, following a three-week trial, a jury in Scott County, Illinois returned a verdict in favor of the hog producer defendants and against ten Plaintiffs who had brought a cause of action for private temporary nuisance relating to odor, flies and dust allegedly caused by a swine livestock management facility. This was the first such trial in Illinois.
Tis the season By Melissa Anne Maye December 2016 A message from Editor Melissa A. Maye.