2015 Articles

The American Kennel Club steps up to help in the aftermath of natural disasters By David H. Hopkins September 2015 In September 2013, through its affiliate, “AKC Reunite,” the American Kennel Club launched a campaign to muster funds to pay for so-called disaster trailers, stocked with supplies for pet rescues in the immediate aftermath of hurricanes, floods, fires, tornadoes, and other natural disasters. Each fully stocked trailer costs approximately $22,500; and, as of July, 2015, less than two years later, over $1,000,000 has been raised, resulting in a couple dozen trailers being placed, with others in the pipeline.
Animal law in the news By Melissa Anne Maye June 2015 Recent updates of interest to animal law practitioners.
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“Brandi, you’re a fine girl”—Maryland Appellate Court upholds $200,000 non-economic damages verdict in deputy/dog shooting case By Melissa Anne Maye April 2015 In a decision that animal lovers can only hope will soon become common-place, the Court came down in favor of recognizing that pets can be worth more than just their fair market value to their owners.
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Despite opposition, General Assembly passes law allowing bobcat hunting in Illinois By Jane McBride September 2015 On July 14, 2015, Governor Bruce Rauner signed a bill that provides statutory authority to establish a bobcat hunting and trapping season in Illinois.
Editor’s corner By Melissa Anne Maye June 2015 A message from Newsletter Editor Melissa Anne Maye.
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Editor’s corner By Melissa Anne Maye April 2015 Updates on the Section's recent activities, practice news, and an introduction to this issue from Editor Melissa Anne Maye.
Exotic animal resolution passes the ABA House of Delegates By Ledy VanKavage June 2015 After much hard work and numerous amendments, a resolution regarding the ownership of exotic animals passed the American Bar Association House of Delegates Meeting in February, 2015.
HEEL! Municipalities now restricting reckless dog owners By Ledy Vankavage September 2015 If a dog is deemed dangerous or vicious under the state law and there is a subsequent incident, the owner can be guilty of a felony, thus city attorneys are encouraged to utilize the state provisions.
Highlighting animal heroes—The Bryan & Amanda Bickell Foundation By Anna E. Morrison-Ricordati & Melissa Anne Maye September 2015 Learn more about this important organization and its work to raise awareness of and dispel the myths surrounding "pit bulls."
Message from the Chair By Stephen F. Hedinger September 2015 A message from Animal Law Section Chair Steve Hedinger.
Trap Neuter Return (TNR) Programs—An overview By Lisa Velez September 2015 Many states in the US now recognize that TNR is an effective long-term solution to humanely controlling the population of free-roaming/community cats.
What happens to companion animals when their masters’ marriages go to the dogs? By Amy Brammell April 2015 A general overview of companion animal custody following divorce or formal separation.