August 2018Volume 49Number 2

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In This Issue…

  • International Shoe got the boot
    A discussion of Illinois' long arm statute and how the 2014 U.S. Supreme Court case Daimler AG v. Bauman impacts the analysis that must be conducted by courts and litigants regarding foreign corporations.
  • Appellate court clarifies “sole proximate cause”
    The appellate court recently made clear in Douglas v. Arlington Park Racecourse that the sole proximate cause of plaintiff’s injury may be something—other than the defendant—no matter what their status may be in the lawsuit and no matter how many they may be in number.
  • The picture window
    Being present in the community and looking out for those we should be helping is part of our calling as lawyers.
  • Recent appointments and retirements
    Recent changes to Illinois' Judiciary.

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