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2005 Articles

Oppression and alternative remedies-Is the forced buy-out under 12.56(f) wise policy? By Charles W. Murdock April 2005 The 1983 Illinois Business Corporation Act ("BCA") as enacted, provided, in section 12.55 (805 ILCS 5/12.55), three alternative remedies in lieu of dissolving the corporation that a court could order in a deadlock or oppression or waste of assets situation.
SEC simplifies Securities Act registration procedures and modernizes issuer Communications By Robert J. Wild November 2005 The Securities and Exchange Commission adopted significant changes to the securities registration and offering processes under the Securities Act of 1933 (the “Securities Act”). Release No. 33-8591 dated July 19, 2005, available at
Small business afforded streamlined processing under Chapter 11 By Michael J. Chmiel April 2005 Under the United States Bankruptcy Code,1 just about any person (i.e., company, corporation, individual, partnership, etc.) can pursue debt relief under Chapter 11, which provides for reorganization and/or liquidation.