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2022 Articles

Anti-Reliance Language in Stock Purchase Agreements: A Cautionary Tale By Prof. Charles W. Murdock & Richard Paula October 2022 A summary and analysis of Walworth Investments-LG, LLC. v. Mu Sigma Inc. and Dhiraj C. Rajaram.
Benefits of Registering a Trademark as an Entity By Ahad Syed April 2022 Filing for a trademark as an entity, though unnecessary, confers significant benefits.
Counseling Businesses Trademarking Digital Assets By Ahad Syed October 2022 A look at common issues that arise in protecting a business’ digital assets through federal trademark law.
Digital Assets in the U.S.: The Evolving Regulatory Framework and President Biden’s Executive Order By Nikhil Mehta April 2022 The current regulatory landscape surrounding digital assets in the U.S. is cloudy at best with a patchwork of various federal agencies vying for oversight.
Illinois Appellate Court Holds That Trial Courts May Order the Purchase of the Shares of a Shareholder Who Did Not Petition the Court for Relief as a Remedy to Resolve Corporate Deadlock By Samuel Neschis April 2022 The appellate court addressed a common situation—deadlock on the board of directors of a closely held corporation—in Osaghae v. Oasis Hospice & Palliative Care, Inc.
Indeck Energy Services, Inc: The Supreme Court Introduces Uncertainty Into Settled Law Regarding the Corporate Opportunity Doctrine By Professor Charles W. Murdock July 2022 An analysis of the factors set forth in Paulman v. Kritzer to determine whether there is a corporate opportunity.
Still No Answer By Sherwin D. Abrams October 2022 In Lewis, Yockey & Brown, Inc. v. Fetzer, the appellate court held that piercing a corporate veil cannot be applied to an LLC—a decision contrary to the holding in Benzakry v. Patel.
To Be or Not To Be: The Illinois Series LLC as a Separate Legal Entity By Tracy J. Nugent October 2022 A discussion on the relationship between an Illinois series LLC and the parent LLC through which it is formed.
Why Registered Agents? By Sherwin D. Abrams July 2022 These days, our business laws require most entities to have a registered agent.
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