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2002 Articles

Negotiating international power contracts: The major issues By Nick Henchie December 2002 The European power market has been subject to enormous change over the last few years.
New statutory protections for whistleblowers By Douglas A. Graham September 2002 On Tuesday, July 30, President Bush signed an expansive corporate fraud bill into law.
Overlooking liability coverage can be costly By Stanley C. Nardoni August 2002 Corporations defending lawsuits outside the bodily injury and property damage contexts often forget to check their liability insurance policies for coverage.
Personal injury coverage includes defamation and disparagement By Stanley C. Nardoni November 2002 My previous articles in this newsletter noted that defamation and disparagement are among the offenses usually covered in the advertising injury and personal injury provisions of general liability policies.
Price discrimination may be covered By Stanley C. Nardoni September 2002 My article in last month's issue of The Corporate Lawyer mentioned that the personal injury provisions of umbrella liability policies often cover "discrimination."
Recent trends in M&A activity—an increasingly hostile environment By Joseph H. Kye & Dana S. Aramagno June 2002 After a significant decline in hostile activity in 2000, attempted hostile acquisitions in 2001 increased 135 percent over 2000.
Securities broker-dealers and money laundering: the obligations of broker-dealers under money laundering laws By Sarah B. Estes April 2002 Money laundering has been a "hot issue" for securities regulators for some time, and after September 11, it got even hotter.
Selling your business: Ten tactics to close By Martin Kupferman September 2002 You knew when it was time to sell your business. And now that you are, your selling strategy is on target and you're moving forward nicely
Subject index to substantive articles in volumes 36, 37, 38 & 39 of The Corporate Lawyer June 2002 * An in-house counsel's guide to dealing with cybersquatters--part I (ICCAN's Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy)
Trademark and trade dress may be covered By Stanley C. Nardoni October 2002 A series of Illinois Appellate Court decisions place trademark and trade dress infringement among the offenses typically covered by the advertising injury provisions of general liability policies
Twelve tips for prepping employees for deposition By Michael Todd Scott November 2002 Most in-house counsel will at some time have to prep an employee for deposition.
White House study examines economic effects of U.S tort system May 2002 A new report released in April by the chairman of the President's Council of Economic Advisers examines who pays for excessive litigation in the U.S. and what the effect of that litigation is on prices and wages
Workers’ compensation and the 9/11/01 terrorist attack (Part I) By Donald T. DeCarlo January 2002 There are few if any who have escaped the tragedy of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, Pentagon and/or plane crash in Pennsylvania.
Workers’ compensation—more on workplace stress (Part II) By Donald T. DeCarlo January 2002 Time magazine referred to stress as "America's #1 Health Problem," and there is little doubt that things have gone steadily downhill.