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Newsletter Articles From 2003

More from Sarbanes-Oxley—Whistleblower protection By Ned Othman September 2003 The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) of 2002, well-known for its corporate governance and accounting practices, also includes significant whistleblower provisions, requiring procedures for handling whistleblower complaints and providing protection to employees who make whistleblower complaints.
A primer on SEC Rule 10b5-1: Affirmative defenses for insider trading By Alan Horwich and Andrew M. Klein November 2003 Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") Rule 10b5-1, issued in 2000, provides a means for corporate insiders and others to engage in certain prearranged securities transactions without running afoul of the prohibition on trading on the basis of material nonpublic information about the securities.
Recent cases of interest to in-house counsel By Frank M. Grenard September 2003 New cases affecting corporate lawyers.
Records management for Illinois insurers—What’s missing from the Illinois Supreme Court’s decision in Guillen v. Potomac Ins. Co. of Ill.? By Michael Todd Scott March 2003 In Guillen v. Potomac Ins. Co. of Ill. (January 24, 2003), the Illinois Supreme Court ruled that an insurance company breached its duty to defend when it refused to defend an insured against a lead-based paint personal injury action.
Reinsuring employee benefit plan risks through a captive By Michael Lusk and Michael Todd Scott June 2003 Since the Department of Labor approved a prohibited transaction exemption for Columbia Energy Corporation in 2000, there has been an increased interest from employers in reinsuring employee benefit plan risks through their captives
Subject index to substantive articles in volumes 36, 37, 38, 39 & 40 of The Corporate Lawyer June 2003 "An in-house counsel's guide to dealing with cybersquatters--part I (ICCAN's Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy)"
Ten employment mistakes plaintiffs’ lawyers hope you make By Jean Holloway and Ron Lee December 2003 Many employers may read news reports about egregious misconduct in the workplace-supervisors making sexual advances at employees, managers using racial slurs-and reassure themselves that "it won't happen here."
What makes a successful company? By Richard H. Wessels August 2003 How would we at Wessels & Pautsch, P.C. know? We are only labor lawyers. But that does not keep us from having an opinion--at least as to success on the "people" issue