2009 Articles

Time for a governance “tune-up” By Jeffrey E. Smith July 2009 As the dust (hopefully) begins to settle during this time of bank and market uncertainty, and a lull continues for bank M&A activity, it may be just the time to review your institution’s governance structure, documents, and mechanisms to bring them up to date (including incorporation of appropriate “best practices” under Sarbanes-Oxley), to provide important alternatives and flexibility for responding to M&A and other corporate opportunities, and to generally put the institution in a position to better respond to market opportunities and events as they unfold.
Two new laws require employers to extend health benefits By Jim McGrath January 2009 Recently President Bush signed Michelle’s Law, prohibiting health insurance companies from terminating coverage for dependent college students who are forced to leave school due to a medical condition or serious injury.
U.S. charities and international philanthropy: What you need to know By Stephanie J. Bagot December 2009 International giving by U.S. charities is estimated to have reached a record in 2007 of $5.4 billion.
Using real-time transcription technology in depositions By Damian Capozzola December 2009 In civil litigation, depositions serve a variety of ends, including assessing a witness’s personality, information gathering, authenticating documents or extracting admissions for motions practice, grilling a witness to enhance settlement value, and/or preparing for trial cross-examination.