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2003 Articles

Case update: Residential placement costs December 2003 The Illinois Supreme Court will consider whether a juvenile court has the statutory authority to order a school district to pay for the educational portion of the costs associated with an adjudicated delinquent’s court-ordered residential placement.
Editor’s note December 2003 In this issue we provide part one of our legislative update for 2003. Due to the large number of school-related bills reaching the Governor’s desk this year, we find it necessary to present the report in stages.
Illinois Education Labor Relations Board update July 2003 The following is a summary of recent Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board decisions through September 30, 2002
Legislative summary By Marcy Dutton April 2003 The Act provides that, beginning with the 2002-2003 school year, public elementary and secondary schools may incorporate activities to address intergroup conflict, with the objectives of improving intergroup relations on and beyond the school campus, defusing intergroup tensions, and promoting peaceful resolution of conflict.
Legislative update: Part I December 2003 Boards of education