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2012 Articles

Doe-3 v. White: Illinois Supreme Court to decide school district liability By Roland Cross February 2012 The basic issue raised in this case, which Illinois school districts face on a routine basis, centers around what information a school district can or should provide to successor districts that contemplate hiring teachers who previously served in the initial district.
Fourth District reverses decision by TRS Board of Trustees By Roland Cross October 2012 A summary of Kildeer-Countryside School District v. Board of Trustees of Teachers’ Retirement System of the State of Illinois.
Government’s liability in school shootings: Green v. Chicago Board of Education summary By Sania Merchant June 2012 This case examines a public schools’ liability when one high school student fatally shot another student on school premises after the school day had ended. 
Legislative update By Phil Milsk & Shayne Aldridge October 2012 New public acts concerning education.
New education laws By Phil Milsk February 2012 A summary of noteworthy education and related legislation that recently went into effect in Illinois.
Remediation plan invalidated by Fourth District By Roland Cross June 2012 After receiving an unsatisfactory evaluation, a tenured teacher was required to participate in a Section 24-A remediation plan.
State legislative update By Phil Milsk June 2012 A list of recent bills of interest to education law practitioners.