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2011 Articles

Case note: SPEED District 802 v. Warning, No. 108785 (Ill. Sup. Ct. 2/25/11) By JoAnn G. Lim October 2011 Reversing the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board and the appellate court’s decisions, the IL Supreme Court ruled that the District did not commit an unfair labor practice when it did not renew teacher's contract.  
Community schools: A model for success By Melissa Mitchell October 2011 The author argues that Illinois should adopt the community school model statewide. 
New School Laws 2011: A digest of state laws affecting Illinois public school enacted in 2010 March 2011 A listing of new laws and changes to existing laws of interest to schools and education law practitioners.
School Reform Legislation sent to the Governor June 2011 A summary of Senate Bill 7, the recently codified comprehensive school reform bill.
Seventh Circuit certifies questions to Illinois Supreme Court on tenured teachers’ recall rights By Roland Cross October 2011 The Court of Appeals concluded that the Illinois Supreme Court should be offered the opportunity to review the construction and application of Illinois law on the issue surrounding tenured teachers’ recall rights and certified three questions to the court.
Transfer of funds from Life Safety to Operations and Maintenance By Walter J. Zukowski June 2011 A look at the new amendment to the Illinois School Code, which allows a school board to transfer surplus life safety taxes and interest earnings thereon to the operations and maintenance fund for building repair work.