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2008 Articles

Budget implementation for FY 2008 approved By Phil Milsk February 2008 The State Fiscal Year 2008 Budget Implementation bill, SB 783, has finally become law. Budget implementation legislation is usually passed at the end of the Spring session along with budget bill(s).
Case update By Phil Milsk June 2008 Two Illinois school districts and some parents sued the U.S. Secretary of Education seeking a declaratory judgment that certain requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act conflict with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.
From the Chair… By Brian D. Schwartz February 2008 Thank you for your membership in the Education Law Section Council.
ISBA Lawyers in Classrooms – An Invitation to Make A Difference! October 2008 As part of our initiative to make a difference in the lives of Illinois students, and to assist in expanding diversity in the legal profession, you are invited to go back to school and speak to students on law-related topics.
Legislation signed clarifying responsibility for educational costs of residential placement By Phil Milsk October 2008 In August, 2008, the Governor signed into law two companion bills intended to clarify the responsibility for educational costs when a student is placed in a residential program by an Illinois public agency or a juvenile court judge.
Message from Mary Kay Klimesh, 2008 Section Council Chair By Mary Kay Klimesh December 2008 It has been my privilege to serve as a member and supporting officer of ISBA’s Education Law Section Council in the past, but I am most privileged and proud to serve as this year’s Chair.
New Education Laws (Part II) By Marcy Dutton & Phil Milsk February 2008 The following legislative summary completes our comprehensive review of 2007 Illinois legislation concerning education.
Objecting to tax objections By Walter J. Zukowski & Jacob Frost June 2008 With the economy slowing, taxpayers are looking for non-traditional ways to reduce costs.
Origin of the Illinois State Response to Intervention (RtI) Plan By Darren Reisberg February 2008 The plan that ISBE has developed for Response to Intervention, or “RtI,” represents the first state-level step in a transition that will take place over the next several years.
A principal’s guide to Internet policies & electronic communications By Brian D. Schwartz, Dr. Larry Janes, & Kenneth Reed October 2008 The purpose of this article is to bring school administrators up to date on the legal and practical aspects of monitoring and regulating computer use within the schoolhouse gates.
State Board of Education news: ISBE advice to the field By Darren Reisberg December 2008 School administrators and others are aware that ISBE issues “guidance” in the form of guidance letters, guidance documents, and newsletter articles.
State legislative update By Phil Milsk December 2008 The following measures have either been signed into law in 2008 or could be enacted prior to the conclusion of the current session of the Illinois General Assembly on January 14, 2009.