2007 Articles

Books October 2007 In Mertens v. Hewitt Assocs., the Supreme Court stated the obvious: ERISA is “enormously complex.”
Caselaw update October 2007 Harzewski v. Guidant Corp., 489 F.3d 799 (7th Cir. 2007).
Chronological summary of major post-ERISA benefit legislation March 2007 Punctilious citation form may call for the use of “as amended” when citing ERISA. What does that mean? The following summary was prepared by Hewitt Associates, LLC.
Examination of the recent class action lawsuits filed against large companies alleging improper fee structures concerning the management of plan participants’401(k) plans By Wes Covert October 2007 Beginning September 11, 2006, a series of lawsuits were filed against a number of large companies and their third-party administrators, charging that the plan fiduciaries breached their duties under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, as amended, (ERISA) by subjecting plan participants to excess fees and expenses, thereby reducing the value of their investments.
Federal caselaw update December 2007 Recent cases of interest to employee benefits practitioners.
Final QDIA regulations provide fiduciary relief By Jorge Leon December 2007 The Department of Labor has issued final safe harbor regulations dealing with default investment alternatives in qualified defined contribution plans.
Major Post-ERISA Benefit Legislation March 2007 Major Post-ERISA Benefit Legislation.