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2020 Articles

A Current Update of EPCRS Through Rev. Proc. 2019-19 By Kathryn J. Kennedy May 2020 A summary of recent changes—and an analysis of the effects of the changes—to the IRS's Employee Plans Compliance Resolution System.
Federal Court Finds ERISA Does Not Preempt State Auto-Enrollment Individual Retirement Program By Marie E. Casciari May 2020 A look at preemption issues arising out of the Illinois Secure Choice Retirement Savings Program.
IRS Retirement Plan Limitations for 2020 By Bernard G. Peters May 2020 An overview of the updates to the Internal Revenue Service's retirement plan limitations, which sets forth the 2020 limits of the amounts that can be deferred under different retirement plans.
New Federal Guidance Extends Many Employee Benefit-Related Deadlines and Provides Additional Relief for Plan Administrators By Wesley Covert May 2020 Pursuant to authority granted under the CARES Act, the Department of Labor and the Internal Revenue Service issued joint guidance on April 28, 2020, extending a number of election periods and deadlines prescribed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act and the Internal Revenue Code. 
Workforce Reductions Can Trigger Retirement Plan Liability and Notice Requirements By Steve Flores May 2020 Employers that are planning or undertaking workforce reductions should keep in mind that there are certain retirement plan triggers under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act and the Internal Revenue Code that are tied to reductions in force.