2010 Articles

Books September 2010 Some suggestions for which books to use when beginning your ERISA research.
DOL: Office of the Solicitor March 2010 The Office of the Solicitor of the United State Department of Labor has filed amicus briefs in several pending cases.
ERISA withdrawal liability—The labor dispute exemption By Douglas A. Darch June 2010 What happens if an employer ceases making payments to its multi-employer pension plan because its employees are on strike?
ESOPs By Corey Rosen March 2010 By providing employers with incentives to make these well-above-normal contributions to ESOPs, Congress has provided a system in which ESOP participants do demonstrably better than their peers, as do ESOP companies.
Federal caselaw update December 2010 Recently decided federal cases that affect employee benefits practitioners.
Federal caselaw update September 2010 Recent federal cases of interest to Employee Benefits practitioners.
Federal caselaw update June 2010 Recent cases relating to Employee Benefits.
Illinois: Funding Public Pension March 2010 How does Illinois' state retirement system compare to those of other states?
Interim final regulations issued for health plans for internal claims, appeals, and external review By Jeremy M. Pelphrey September 2010 The terms of the interim final regulations will begin to take effect on September 23, 2010.
Multiemployer withdrawal liability: Understanding the basics By Keith R. McMurdy March 2010 A general summary of many of the basic concepts impacting an employer in a withdrawal scenario. Because each withdrawal is factually specific to the employer and the fund involved, it cannot be assumed that all concepts apply in every situation. However, these basics help explain how withdrawal liability works.