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2000 Articles

Calling all government attorneys By Lynn Patton December 2000 The ISBA's Standing Committee on Government Lawyers wants to include you in its constituency. Historically, neither the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission nor the Illinois State Bar Association has maintained data with respect to those attorneys engaged in government practice.
Can owners of closely held companies realize IPO values without going public? By Robert S. Socol January 2000 The initial public offering (IPO) marketplace continues to perform at a feverish pace with seemingly no end in sight. Companies with no earnings history are "going public" at lofty values and companies with earnings are going public at incredible multiples of earnings.
Current S corporation ESOP regulatory developments By John A. Kober January 2000 The Internal Revenue Service ("IRS") has clarified some of the ambiguity that existed under current law in its application to S corporation employee stock ownership plans ("ESOPs").
Domestic partner health benefits: legal and administrative issues to consider and the implementation process November 2000 Employee benefits for domestic partners ("domestic partner benefits") is an area of employee benefits which continues to gain momentum in employer offerings.
Employee benefit plans for associations By Laurence A. Hansen May 2000 Defined contribution plan ("DC plan") is a retirement plan under which the benefit to be paid is determined by the contributions to the plan along with any earnings thereon.
ESOPs for S corporations By Steven Lifson January 2000 Effective January 1, 1998, corporations that sponsor employee stock ownership plans ("ESOPs") became eligible for the first time to make the election to be treated as an "S corporation" for federal income tax purposes.
Fiduciary duties of the ESOP trustee By Marilyn H. Marchetti & Danielle Montesano February 2000 The following article examines the duties of the trustee of an employee stock ownership plan ("ESOP Trustee"), beginning with the governing principles of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, as amended, and the application of those duties to general administration and on-going administrative responsibilities of the ESOP Trustee.
Illinois State Bar Association Employee Benefits Section Council December 2000 The Employee Benefits Section Council of the Illinois State Bar Association (the "section council") is comprised of attorneys whose legal practice is concerned with all aspects of employee benefits and compensation arrangements.
Legal case review By Kevin J. Richter December 2000 On August 18, 2000, the IRS issued announcement 2000-77 which provides criteria for determination letter applications for Volume Submitter plans that have not received GUST II advisory letters.
Newsletter for Employee Benefits Section Ten Year Topic Index (1989-1999) April 2000 Recent developments affecting retirement plans and welfare plans of religious institutions.
Recent ESOP case law developments By Helen H. Morrison February 2000 This article is a compilation of the recent ERISA court decisions involving employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs).
A sad note from our chairman regarding the death of Joan Edmonds Brophy November 2000 It is with great sadness that I report the passing of our dear colleague and friend, Joan Edmonds Brophy, on August 26, 2000.
To our readers December 2000 The theme of the second newsletter of the 2000-2001 term addresses the subject of the Employee Benefits Section Council, our purpose, and our resources that are available to members of the section and members of the Illinois State Bar Association.
To our readers November 2000 The theme of the first newsletter of the 2000-2001 term addresses the subject of employee benefits for domestic partners ("domestic partners").
To our readers May 2000 The theme of the final newsletter for the 1999-2000 term addresses employee benefit plans for tax-exempt associations.
To our readers April 2000 The Employee Benefits Section Council has compiled a ten-year index of our newsletters from 1989 to 1999, sorted by topic.
To our readers February 2000 Continuing our theme of ESOPs, this follow-up newsletter focuses on the fiduciary issues applicable to ESOPs.
To our readers January 2000 The theme of our next two issues of the Employee Benefits Newsletter will be ESOPs.