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Newsletter Articles From 2001

Recent developments under the Illinois Domestic Violence Act of 1986 By Cecilia Hynes Griffin June 2001 Virtually every family law practitioner has come across a case involving use of the Illinois Domestic Violence Act of 1986 (the "IDVA").
Requests to admit facts and for genuineness of documents By Jessica A. Bank November 2001 Requests for Admissions of Fact and Genuineness of Documents are effective litigation tools for expediting and simplifying discovery, for compelling admission of incontrovertible facts, and for narrowing issues to be addressed at trial.
The Richman report By Bruce L. Richman June 2001 Much too involved to give a detail explanation of the tax bill in this column, the following are areas to take notice for tax law changes that can affect your area of practice.
The Richman Report By Bruce L. Richman May 2001 We have all heard about "substance over form," but when it comes to transferring IRA's, it is "form over substance."
The Richman report By Bruce L. Richman January 2001 Beware! The transfer of a nonqualified stock option incident to a divorce may be taxable.
The Richman report: opportunities for tax savings in connection with an adoption through the “adoption tax credit” By Bruce L. Richman February 2001 One of the comments we normally hear about adoption is the cost involved.
Smithberg v. The Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund et all By William J. Scott, Jr. January 2001 In an opinion filed August 10, 2000 the Illinois Supreme Court reached a familiar conclusion, this time with respect to death benefits payable by the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF).
Subchapter S corporation earnings: “income” for child support purposes? By Don C. Hammer June 2001 If a child support payor receives income from a subchapter S corporation, the income shown on his tax return may be greater than the amount of cash that he actually receives from the corporation.
Substitution of judges as a matter of right under 735 ILCS 5/2-1001 (a)(2) By Belle Lind Gordon May 2001 If timely filed, a motion for substitution of judge is absolute. The principle underlying the absolute right to a substitution of judge is that a party should not be compelled to plead his cause before a court who is prejudiced, whether actually or only by suspicion.
Summary—Irmo Beyer: interim fee award pursuant to 501(c-1) upheld in post decree case By Ross S. Levey November 2001 The Illinois Appellate Court, First District, has affirmed a ruling by the Honorable James Gavin upholding his award of interim attorney fees pursuant to section 501(c-1) in a post decree proceeding.
Upholding the best interest of the child standard in Illinois: a revisit of the Baby Richard case By Gregory A. Kelson March 2001 In a Chicago suburb, a four-year-old boy was told by his adoptive parents that he would be moving.
When your elderly clients marry: prenuptial agreements and other considerations© By P. André Katz and Amanda Clayman November 2001 This appeal evolves from the divorce of an elderly, wealthy furniture magnate after less than three years of marriage to his much younger wife ... [and we] have no quarrel with the conclusion [of the trial judge] that the wife is not entitled to a $150,000 Rolls Royce.
With no strings attached By Roza Gossage March 2001 Adoption is purely a creature of statute (750 ILCS 50/ et al). The court must comply with the statute, and is restricted by the language of the legislature as to what it can order with respect to adoption proceedings.