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2007 Articles

Utilization of paralegals in Illinois: The secret to a more efficient and profitable law practice By Tom Higgins November 2007 In growing numbers, Illinois law firms have pursued the opportunity to hire a qualified paralegal in circumstances that may have dictated hiring a new associate in the past.
Vehicle title transfer tax trap By Paul Osborn July 2007 Advising clients of the tax consequences of each element of a settlement agreement requires counsel to complete the daunting task of actually reading and understanding more than just the relevant provisions of the Internal Revenue Code, its Regulations and Tax Court Interpretations.
When attorneys misbehave in court—Judicial Contempt Power By Kevin M. Rosner January 2007 The following article will address the issue of judicial power to maintain order and decorum in the courtroom through the use of contempt proceedings against attorneys.
When is a declaratory judgment not a declaratory judgment? By Matthew A. Kirsh January 2007 On November 20, 2006 the 2nd District Appellate Court rendered its opinion in In Re The Marriage of Best. 2006 WL 3386705.
Your client wants to vacation outside the U.S. with the kids but the other parent fears abduction… If the destination country is a Hague signatory, here’s a possible solution By Jacalyn Birnbaum September 2007 Not an uncommon problem in a pending pre-decree case: One parent seeks to vacation with the children outside the country and the other parent—concerned about possible abduction—refuses to permit the vacation in the absence of an Order of Court.