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2012 Articles

Reminder: Reliance on financial disclosure statement does not equal due diligence By Elizabeth A. Teague February 2012 After the decision by the First District Appellate Court in Goldsmith v. Goldsmith, all family law practitioners need to be wary of forgoing formal discovery.
The Second District gives lessons for the guardian ad litem By Lisa M. Nyuli August 2012   The Second District Appellate Court recently issued its opinion in In re the Marriage of Petrik, and in so doing, provided several good rules and reminders for attorneys acting as Guardian ad Litem.  
Sperm donor can keep it in his pocket By Angela Peters October 2012 Can a biological father, who has paid child support for five years, file a Motion to Terminate the Parent/Child Relationship based on his claim that he merely donated his sperm?
The Supreme Court weighs in on a question of income By Marilyn Longwell & Aurelija Juska June 2012 While the Supreme Court in In re Marriage of McGrath has eliminated one means of establishing a child support order in the case of unemployed obligors with one hand, it has given its imprimatur to alternative methods of obtaining relief for custodial parents. 
Will someone please think about the children: Where can divorced parents with joint custody send their children to school? By Maryam T. Brotine November 2012 When it comes to determining the appropriate school district for children of divorced parents, the answer may not be so clear cut.