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2019 Articles

Salvatore gums up child support modifications with new ‘what was contemplated?’ analysis By Wes Cowell April 2019 A summary of In re Marriage of Salvatore.
Seeking decision-making after an award of child support in parentage cases By Marilyn Longwell February 2019 A look at how section 802(c) of the Parentage Act has been interpreted.
Suggestions for Fair Play By Matthew A. Kirsh December 2019 In family law, although judges are the ultimate decision makers, it often feels to our clients that we have turned their lives over to a guardian ad litem or a mental health professional who will render opinions and make recommendations.
Tips from an international family lawyer By David N. Schaffer May 2019 Insights, protocols, and lessons learned from one attorney's international practice.
Unintended consequences By William Scott March 2019 Summaries of cases that demonstrate the problems that arise when a client does not remove their ex-spouse as the beneficiary.
The use of document assembly software in family law By Wesley A. Gozia April 2019 Document assembly software is one way to help increase efficiency and accuracy in document preparation.