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2011 Articles

Chair’s column: Cameras in the courtroom By Michael K. Goldberg March 2011 Today, virtually all lawyers and litigants have camera/video capability on their phones, and preventing the broadcasting of courtrooms will be very difficult.
Chair’s column: Developing “practice-ready” lawyers By Timothy J. Storm October 2011 Section Chair Timothy Storm poses the questions, Are new law graduates 'practice ready'? Who is responsible for assuring that they are? and Should established lawyers care?
Chairs column: Try the Solo and Small Firm Conference—You’ll be glad you did By Timothy J. Storm September 2011 A note from Section Chair Timothy Storm.
Council member profile: Jewel N. Klein October 2011 Get to know Section Council member Jewel Klein.
Editor’s column: ABA Tech Show April 11-13, 2011 at Chicago Hilton is a great tech resource for solo & small firm lawyers By John T. Phipps March 2011 Editor John Phipps discusses the benefits of next month's ABA Tech Show.
Editor’s column: Developing “practice-ready” lawyers By John T. Phipps October 2011 Newsletter Editor John Phipps shares his thoughts in response to the Chair's column.
Editor’s column: I love my iPad2 or, Tablets are changing how we work By John T. Phipps September 2011 A review of the iPad2 and how it can help you in your practice.
Editor’s column: “It’s in the cloud.” New Web-based services provide solo and small firm lawyers new low-cost technology options and opportunities By John T. Phipps July 2011 When the time comes to upgrade your computer system the “cloud” offers other alternatives which might provide a cost effective solution to the computer needs of solo and small firm lawyers.
The Illinois Home Repair and Remodeling Act Amendment By J.A. Sebastian March 2011 The legislative amendment of the Home Repair and Remodeling Act now creates additional enforcement powers with the private right of action.
It’s the end of the citation system as we know it…. By J.A. Sebastian July 2011 An explanation of Illinois' new case citation system.
Leadership Profile: Interview with Mark Hassakis, Immediate Past President of the Illinois State Bar Association By Anna P. Krolikowska September 2011 Get to know more about Mark Hassakis, whose presidecy of the ISBA ended in June.
Legislative update: From the governor’s office to the law office By Richard W. Zuckerman September 2011 Recently signed legislation that may have affect general practitioners.
New citation lien procedure provides enforcement help for judgment creditors By Mary Anne Spellman Gerstner October 2011 Effective January 1, 2012, Code of Civil Procedure amendments will give improved remedies to judgment creditors in citation to discover assets proceedings and other post-judgment procedures.
Nominate an outstanding lawyer for the Matthew Maloney Tradition of Excellence Award By Timothy J. Storm March 2011 Know an ISBA member who's been in practice for at least 20 years? Nominate him or her for the Matthew Maloney Tradition of Excellence Award!
Outgoing chair’s column: Jury questions—Should they be allowed? By Michael K. Goldberg July 2011 There is legislation currently pending that would allow jurors to present questions during a civil trial. Voice your opinions on the issue in the reader comments at the end of this article.
Practice tip: New defenses. The Collection Agency Act requires documentation of assignments By Brett R. Geiger October 2011 A look at the recent case of Unifund CCR Partners v. Mohammad Shah.
Productivity isn’t everything: Letter to the Editor By Jewel N. Klein July 2011 In the December issue of this newsletter, Editor John T. Phipps explained how technological advances can make lawyers more productive. Author Jewel Klein doesn't disagree, but does have some second thoughts.
Wage Act Amendment By Jewel N. Klein July 2011 In effect since January of this year, Public Act 096-1407 increases both the civil and criminal penalties for violation of the Wage Act and makes it easier for employees to find attorneys to litigate their rights by including a fee shifting provision.
What we promise. What we ask. By Timothy J. Storm July 2011 A message from Section Chair Timothy Storm.