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Chair’s column By Michael Zink October 2013 A message from Section Chair Michael Zink.
Chair’s column By Susan M. Brazas January 2013 Numbers don’t lie, they say, and so we can’t look the other way but have to face them: Alcoholism and substance abuse among lawyers is double the rate for the general population. The ARDC estimates that substance abuse is a factor in 50% of the disciplinary cases that come before them.
Editor’s column: Are we missing opportunities? By John T. Phipps January 2013 As we start the new year it is a good time to take a fresh look at how we screen our cases and what we do when we hear “I need your help but I have no money.”
Editor’s column: Smart phones, electronic tablets, and new computer operating systems and software—Once again changing how we practice By John T. Phipps April 2013 Editor John Phipps discusses the advantages of upgrading your computer's hardware.
Editor’s column: Technology really is for seniors! By John T. Phipps October 2013 With the new advances in technology, life for non-techie lawyers has become a whole lot easier.
Estate planning update: The Illinois Transfer on Death Instrument By Katherine A. Chamberlain February 2013 A checklist for lawyers and clients, and applicable forms for attorneys.
Everyday pro bono By Timothy J. Storm January 2013 So much of what a great many solo and small firm practitioners do every day may be rightly described as pro bono publico—for the public good—in the fullest and truest sense.
Fee awards: Not a sure thing By Susan M. Brazas January 2013 Attorneys should be cautious to file fee petitions or claims within the time prescribed by statute or court order, and should be prepared to address not just the statutory basis for fee awards but also any pertinent ethical or policy concerns.
The Firearm Concealed Carry Act in a nutshell By Jennifer E. Bae October 2013 On July 9, 2013 Illinois became the last state to adopt a concealed carry law that allows permitted gun owners to carry firearms in public places after they pass an application process.
From the Chair By Susan M. Brazas April 2013 A message from Section Chair Susan Brazas.
Grandparent visitation case heard by the First District Appellate Court By Michael K. Goldberg & Becky Rose Bloom October 2013 The recent case of In re Anaya R., a Minor, stands out among other grandparent visitation cases.
Intent to exercise a commercial lease extension option—Notice is in the eye of the beholder By Michael Zink April 2013 A commercial lease often includes a provision requiring a tenant to provide written notification of its intent to extend the lease term. This language is frequently overlooked until the tenant’s later abandonment of the property after its business has collapsed.
Practice alert: Consideration issues in covenants not to compete under Fifield v. Premier Dealer Services By Mary Anne Spellman Gerstner October 2013 In Fifield, decided on June 24, 2013, the First District Appellate Court found that adequate consideration for a non-solicitation and non-competition agreement signed by an at-will employee required continuous employment for at least two years after the agreement was signed.
Practice tip: Attention to detail—A shift in response requirements for requests to admit By Jay Schultz January 2013 In Oelze v. Score Sports Venture, the court determined that asserting a lack of information or knowledge via boilerplate responses to requests to admit will not suffice.
Reasonable accommodations overview under Title I of the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990, as amended By Mary Anne Spellman Gerstner April 2013 Do you get inquiries about requests for accommodations? This overview of pertinent standards under Title I of the Americans With Disabilities Act may facilitate an efficient response.
SOJ when court discloses opinion on related issue By Jewel N. Klein April 2013 The right to seek another opinion when the lawyer believes that the judge may rule adversely should remain absolute and it should not make any difference whether that belief is obtained from a colleague, the internet, the newspaper, or directly from the judge.
Three reasons why I read administrative law cases (And what you can learn from them) By Jewel N. Klein January 2013 The author explains her love for administrative law cases.