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2018 Articles

Artificial insemination and the intersection of same-sex marriage By Ashley D. Davis December 2018 The second district recently addressed in In re Marriage of Dee J. the issue of whether both parents in a same-sex relationship are legally considered parents of a child conceived through artificial insemination during the marriage of the parties.
“But, they didn’t give me my Miranda rights!” By Michael J. Maslanka December 2018 In Johnson v. Winstead, the seventh circuit gave an overview of rights and consequences for violations of rights regarding constitutional law and privileges.
Chair’s column By Van-Lear Eckert September 2018 A look forward at the 2018-19 bar year.
Chair’s column By Mary Anne Gerstner February 2018 A message from Section Chair Mary Anne Gerstner.
Chair’s column: Succession plans – a basic need By Van-Lear Eckert November 2018 An introduction to the issue from the chair, Van-Lear Eckert.
Child’s finger amputated and seventh circuit blames parents By Michael J. Maslanka September 2018 Roh v. Starbucks Corp. provides a substantive review of the law in Illinois pertaining to a child’s personal injury in a public place
Committee approved final draft (042718): Approved by the ISBA Board of Governors and ISBA Assembly June 2018 November 2018 The final draft of Rule 781, which was approved by the ISBA Board of Governors and Assembly at the Annual Meeting in June 2018.
E-mail: Why can’t I keep my free account? By Carl R. Draper February 2018 We have ethical obligations now to be competent at use of technology, and free e-mail has far fewer expectations of privacy and protection from the service provider than paid subscriptions.
From the ex-officio By Mary Anne Gerstner September 2018 A note from the ex-officio of the General Practice, Solo & Small Firm Section, Mary Anne Gerstner.
Golden nuggets in marijuana decision By Jewel N. Klein February 2018 The recent case of Three v. Dep’t of Public Health addresses several areas of law of interest not only to those who do administrative law, but to general practitioners as well.
In re Marriage of Hodges: Equitable estoppel revisited By Arnold F. Blockman December 2018 A summary of In re Marriage of Hodges, in which the court found equitable estoppel to be a valid defense to an enforcement proceeding to collect a child support arrearage.
Reading the advance sheets By Chad S. Beckett December 2018 As practitioners, we are best served by regular access to the latest research in whatever branch of the law we engage.
Succession planning: The proposed Supreme Court Rule 781 By John T. Phipps November 2018 At the June 2018 ISBA Annual Meeting, the ISBA Assembly approved the proposed Illinois Supreme Court Rule 781, which was drafted by the ISBA Special Committee on Succession and Transition Planning and is awaiting review by the Illinois Supreme Court Professionalism and Rules Committee.
Tips for representing stepparents in uncontested adoption cases By Mary F. Petruchius September 2018 As a private practitioner, you may be retained to represent your client in an uncontested adoption matter. This article outlines the basic procedures for doing so.