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2012 Articles

Adjusting to the practice of law: A five-year reflection By Ebony R. Huddleston February 2012 As a new attorney in a small firm, author Ebony Huddleston has discovered three important things for which law school could not have prepared her.
Editor’s column: Have you looked at your copier recently? By John T. Phipps February 2012 A new office copier might well be worth the investment, even if you don't think you need one just yet.
Editor’s column: Reflections on the ABA Tech show: change, opportunity and challenge By John T. Phipps July 2012 The practice of law is evolving, and the challenge will be in adapting and using technology to take advantage of the opportunities presented.
From the governor’s office to the law office By Richard W. Zuckerman February 2012 Where do laws come from? Where do legislators get their ideas for laws? Author Richard Zuckerman sheds some light on these common questions.
Incoming Chair column By Susan M. Brazas July 2012 A message from Section Chair Susan Brazas.
My (virtual) road to a (real) better life By Timothy J. Storm February 2012 Section Chair Timothy Storm shares his experiences in transforming his practice into a virtual law office.
On the road again: My (virtual) road to a (real) better life—Part 2 By Timothy J. Storm July 2012 The second in this two-part series that looks at the costs and benefits of converting to a virtual law practice.
One more thing to love about Fastcase July 2012 Learn about an exciting new development Fastcase has to offer.
Practice Tip: Lawyers beware—Centers For Medicare And Medicaid Services’ updated reporting guidelines have stiff penalties for failure to report By Jay Shultz July 2012 As anticipated, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services released two alerts regarding the reporting of certain settlements, judgments, awards or other payments.
Practice Trap: Electronic filing—Fear of Filing: Perils of the Information Age By Susan M. Brazas July 2012 Beware of traps for the unwary, whether filing electronically or in the more conventional ways. Be sure to check local court rules on circuit court and judicial circuit Web sites, and consult with attorneys who routinely practice in a given jurisdiction for a better understanding of local rules and procedures.