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2016 Articles

2016 amendments to the health care power of attorney By Lauren Evans DeJong August 2016 The 2016 amendment addresses some of the concerns raised with the 2015 rewrite of the statutory short form power of attorney for health care. While some concerns have not yet been addressed, many see the new form and its amendments as a step in the right direction. If you haven’t done so already, now is a good time to update your office forms to comport to the amended statute.
The ACLU’s Illinois Judicial Bypass Coordination Project By Mary F. Petruchius July 2016 The ACLU’s Judicial Bypass Coordination Project provides minors with information about the state’s parental notice law for those seeking abortions and assistance in obtaining what is called a “judicial bypass.”
Best practices for private attorneys defending juveniles, or, the top 10 tips for juvenile representation By Mary F. Petruchius May 2016 Some ideas for truly succeeding in representing the juvenile client, and not just the case.
Chair’s column By Ebony R. Huddleston July 2016 A message from Section Chair Ebony Huddleston.
Chair’s column: Considerations for building strong attorney-client relationships By Ebony R. Huddleston August 2016 Failure to do your due diligence at the outset of the attorney-client relationship will most likely lead to a strained relationship where both you and the client become disengaged.
The Committees on Character and Fitness By Jennifer E. Bae December 2016 A detailed look at the law license admission process for new attorneys.
Editor’s Column: IPad Pro – expensive but worth it if it meets your needs! Two versions to choose from By John T. Phipps July 2016 A look at the pros and cons of the iPad Pro 12.9.
Editor’s note By John T. Phipps December 2016 A message from Newsletter Editor John Phipps.
Great research tool— The ISBA Web site is new and improved! By Timothy E. Duggan July 2016 A search of the articles in the Bar Journal and newsletters could be one of your most valuable starting search tools. It is free, easy and may save you from re-inventing the wheel.
Illinois Lawyers’ Assistance Program By Hon. James M. Radcliffe, (Ret). May 2016 We work in a highly charged, competitive profession that maintains very high standards. Illinois Lawyers Assistance Program is available to help if you or a colleague is struggling.
Illinois’ new small estate affidavit By Lauren Evans DeJong March 2016 A small estate affidavit allows for the administration of small estates (in Illinois, personal assets valued under $100,000) without the necessity of court proceedings.
In re Estate of Agin—Deceased beneficiary of uncle’s land trust outlived uncle but died before distribution of trust sale proceeds. Decedent’s trust share held to be an asset of his estate and did not pass to his children under trust agreement By Mary Anne Spellman Gerstner August 2016 The opinion in this case demonstrates the importance of a clear expression of the settlor’s intent in the trust language itself, the meaning of the term per stirpes, and reflects the impediments which exist to presenting extrinsic evidence in interpreting a trust.
It’s that time of year again… By Anna P. Krolikowska May 2016 A message and call for articles from Section Chair Anna Krolikowska.
Limiting percentage of rental units in condominium association may help retain property values By Michael Zink May 2016 Rental restrictions have become common practice among condominium associations great and small.
New ‘office away from the office’ especially for the small, non-downtown firms By Anna P. Krolikowska July 2016 Have you checked out the ISBA Mutual’s lawyers’ space at 20 S. Clark St., on the eighth floor? There you can find a quiet café where you can help yourself to a cup of coffee or tea, enjoy a great view, and take advantage of free Wi-Fi. Also available are micro-offices where you can make private calls.
New year, new you? Will 2016 differ from 2015? By Anna P. Krolikowska March 2016 A message and call for articles from Section Chair Anna Krolikowska.
A primer on perfecting and enforcing attorneys’ liens By Jennifer Friedland March 2016 While accounts receivable is not the most sexy part of our job, it is necessary and urgent. An organized and systematic approach will lead you to collection results.
Registration – An important function of the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission By Carl R. Draper December 2016 Are you aware of the possible consequences of not completing your ARDC registration by December 31st?
Tradition of Excellence Award March 2016 Do you know an attorney deserving of the Matthew Maloney Tradition of Excellence Award? Nominations must be received by March 4, 2016. Go to for details.
Understanding and Protecting Fathers’ Rights By Lisa I. McLeod July 2016 While fathers have essentially the same rights as mothers, fathers who fail to fight for their parental rights oftentimes waive those rights. Furthermore, men who become fathers outside the sanctity of marriage have a tougher burden to overcome in order to establish, protect and preserve those rights.