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Banking on both sides of the 49th parallel By Lewis F. Matuszewich November 2001 Raymond J. Protti, of the Canadian Bankers Association ("CBA") spoke before a recent meeting of the Canadian Club of Chicago.
Business law practice flash point By Donna J. Cunningham January 2001 Access restrictions: a French court has held U.S.-based Yahoo accountable for failing to block the content of its auction materials to Internet surfers located in France, and has threatened fines in excess of 100,000 francs (US$12,853) per day unless Yahoo installs a keyword-based blocking system that prevents French citizens from seeing the offending Yahoo sites.
Calling all government attorneys January 2001 The ISBA's Standing Committee on Government Lawyers wants to include you in its constituency.
Chair’s column By Angela Peters November 2001 The International and Immigration Law Section Council meets every other month, in order to evaluate pending and prospective legislation; monitor the progress and status of its CLE programs, and section membership, newsletter articles and printing schedules; review informational items included in the meeting agenda; and discuss new business ideas and involvement for the future.
Chair’s column May 2001 As a member in the past few years and Chair of the International Law and Immigration Law Section Council of the ISBA this year, I have had the privilege of working with a group of dedicated colleagues in planning and designing CLE programs, breakfast series and other community outreach programs designed to provide practice tips and resources to attorneys interested or involved in the international transactions and legal information regarding international business and immigration law to our community at large.
Corrections and apologies May 2001 In the January 2001 issue of The Globe an article appeared entitled Dead-beat dad enters a general appearance.
The current U.S. trade embargo against Cuba: what you don’t know could hurt you By Jessica T. DePinto January 2001 Illinois Governor Ryan's trade mission to Cuba and recent discussions regarding the loosening of restrictions on travel and agricultural sales to Cuba does not mean that U.S. companies should head off to Havana armed with their contracts and products just yet.
Dead-beat dad enters a general appearance January 2001 Mom gets a default judgment for dissolution of marriage in a country in Europe in l983.
Democracy calls for the restructuring of the UN Security Council By Milena Dabich & George Raich January 2001 The United Nations (UN) Security Council is in need of restructuring if it is to maintain its authority over world disputes.
Immigration law update By Phillip S. Zou August 2001 Towards the end of last year, two important pieces of legislation in the immigration law area were enacted by the Congress and signed into law by Clinton, which have further amended the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952.
International and immigration law breakfast series May 2001 The International and Immigration Law Section of the Illinois State Bar Association continues its breakfast series of seminars.
International and immigration law breakfast series January 2001 The International and Immigration Law Section of the Illinois State Bar Association continues its breakfast series of seminars.
The International and Immigration Section Web site May 2001 The International and Immigration Section Web Site is loaded with valuable information for anyone interested in obtaining current information in regard to the activities, publications and other valuable information regarding the International and Immigration Law Section of the Illinois State Bar Association.
International and immigration seminars August 2001 The International and Immigration Law Section of the Illinois State Bar Association continues its annual series of seminars.
The International Trade Association of Greater Chicago: Illinois International Events Calendar May 2001 Inclusion policy: As a public service to the international business community and subject to space availability, we publish a listing of events for which we receive written notification, preferably by fax (773/725-2294) or by e-mail (
Normal trade relations with Vietnam: opportunities for U.S. importers and exporters By Jessica T. DePinto November 2001 On June 8, 2001 President Bush issued the proclamation to extend nondiscriminatory tariff treatment to the products of Vietnam.
Recent Cases By Mark E. Wojcik May 2001 Foreign criminal proceedings need not be "imminent" for U.S. legal assistance--United States of America v. Sealed 1, 231 F.3d 484 (9th Cir. Nov. 1, 2000), opinion amended, 2000 WL 1808411 (9th Cir. Dec. 12, 2000).
Remarks by President Bush in an exchange of toasts with President Kwasniewski of Poland at state dinner in the presidential palace, Warsaw, Poland, June 15, 2001 August 2001 PRESIDENT BUSH: Mr. President, and Madam Kwasniewski; Mr. Prime Minister and Madam Buzek; distinguished guests, many of whom sacrificed for freedom.
Remarks by the President in address to faculty and students of Warsaw university August 2001 THE PRESIDENT- Thank you very much- Mr. President, thank you very much for your gracious hospitality that you and your wife have shown Laura and me. Mr. Prime Minister, members of the government, distinguished members of the clergy, distinguished citizens, and this important friend of America, students, Mr. Rector, then you very much for your warm greeting.
Spanish authorities become “agents of the U.S.” for purposes of asserting jurisdiction over Spanish bank accounts By Adam Powers November 2001 A federal district court held that Spanish authorities were agents of the U.S. for purposes of declaring jurisdiction over Spanish bank accounts.
Summary of Arab labor law rules and practices— termination of employment By Howard L. Stovall August 2001 In recent months, many US multi-national companies have reduced their work-forces, including employees based in Arab countries.