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2006 Articles

Agricultural liens: A comparison of Chinese secured transactions law and UCC Article 9 By Liu Xin September 2006 The American Regulations of secured transactions as they relate to agriculture, set forth under Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code [hereinafter UCC-9], have been deemed the most revolutionary and important article in the entire UCC. One of the most prominent characteristics of UCC-9 is that it unifies many sorts of similar transactions, which otherwise belong to different legal regimes, including agriculture.
Algeria—Retention of intermediaries for sales to the public sector By Michael L. Coleman & Celine van Zeebroeck August 2006 This article discusses the removal of what is thought to be the last statutory hurdle pertaining to the retention of intermediaries for sales to the Algerian public sector following the adoption of Law 06-01 of February 20, 2006 regarding the prevention and fight against corruption (the “Anti-corruption Law”).
Building bridges: An Egypt-U.S. Free Trade Agreement, Ahmed Galal and Robert Z. Lawrence, Editors (Brookings Institution Press: 1998) By Christopher Scott Maravilla September 2006 Building Bridges: An Egypt-U.S. Free Trade Agreement is a polemic analysis of Egyptian-United States trade relations.
Chair’s column By Shannon M. Shepherd July 2006 A message from Section Chair Shannon Shepherd.
The Chicago Council on Foreign Relations changes its name By Violeta I. Balan September 2006 On September 1, 2006, The Chicago Council on Foreign Relations was renamed The Chicago Council on Global Affairs.
China placed on the Priority Watch List By Jeffrey V. Sok May 2006 On January 13, 2005, Wu Yi, Vice Premier of the State Council (PRC), addressed the attendees of the China-US Intellectual Property Rights Roundtable.
China watch By John T. Baun September 2006 Three recent articles in the English language edition of the Xinhua News Agency are notable to changes in the legal structure in China and could be important to lawyers whose clients have, or may have in the future, business dealings in China.
Conference Series: An informed discussion of financial access for immigrants—Part 1 By Steven W. Kuehl March 2006 During the past two years, the Consumer and Community Affairs (CCA) division of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago held a series of conferences focused on increasing access to financial services for immigrants.
Conference Series: An informed discussion of financial access for immigrants—Part II By Steven W. Kuehl May 2006 The first part of this series appeared in the prior issue of The Globe and this material will be concluded in the next issue of The Globe.
Conference series: An informed discussion of financial access for immigrants—Part III By Steven W. Kuehl July 2006 The first two portions of this article appeared in the prior two issues of The Globe.
Councils and Commissions: Is the new “Human Rights Council” simply a difference without distinction? By Jacob A. Ramer May 2006 On March 15, 2006, the U.N. General Assembly voted 170-4 in favor of a resolution calling for the creation of a Human Rights Council, replacing the largely-criticized Commission on Human Rights.
Editor’s comments By Lewis F. Matuszewich November 2006 In this issue of The Globe, Shannon Jackson has provided her “Message from the Chair” and Section Council member Scott D. Pollock has provided his fourth “Immigration Consultation Corner,” this one dealing with the B-2 overstay dilemma.
Editor’s comments By Lewis F. Matuszewich September 2006 It is a pleasure to be an editor of a newsletter when you have a Section Council and many other interested individuals who are willing to provide material on a regular basis.
Editor’s comments By Lewis F. Matuszewich August 2006 As the summer moves into August, we are already publishing the second issue of The Globe for the current Illinois State Bar Association year.
Editor’s comments By Lewis F. Matuszewich July 2006 Welcome to the new ISBA year with the first issue of The Globe. It is impossible to adequately express my gratitude to all the contributors who made it possible to produce seven issues again in the July 2005 through June 2006 ISBA year.
Editor’s comments By Lewis F. Matuszewich May 2006 Welcome to the seventh issue of The Globe for the current ISBA year.
Editor’s comments By Lewis F. Matuszewich March 2006 Welcome to the sixth issue of The Globe of the International and Immigration Law Section Counsel. Scott Pollock, Vice Chair of the International and Immigration Law Section Counsel, has provided his third “Immigration Consultation Corner.”
Editor’s comments By Lewis F. Matuszewich January 2006 While international and immigration law practices are often viewed as narrow and not affecting the vast majority of Illinois practicing attorneys, the Illinois State Bar Association’s own List Serve provides evidence to the contrary.
Foreign law resources: Government Gazettes Online By Caitlyn McEvoy August 2006 Government Gazettes Online (found at stemmed from a project at the Dag Hammersköld Library at the United Nations in which two University of Michigan students searched for foreign gazettes published online.
IBA comes to Chicago July 2006 The International Bar Association is holding its 2006 Annual Conference in Chicago September 17-22, 2006.
Illinois International Business Calendar November 2006 The Illinois International Business Calendar is a collaborative effort among the International Trade Association of Greater Chicago, the Office of Trade and Investment of the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, and the Illinois District Export Council, on behalf of the U.S. Export Assistance Center Chicago.
Immigration Consultation Corner #3: Student practical training to temporary worker—The “cap-gap” problem By Scott D. Pollock March 2006 An F-1 foreign student comes to your office with the Human Resources Director of a company that trades futures at the Chicago Board of Trade.
Immigration Consultation Corner1 #4—The B-2 overstay dilemma: Issue spotting and wise counsel when there are limited options By Scott D. Pollock November 2006 By providing a sympathetic and knowledgeable consultation, the client without good options will still appreciate your candor and seek you out in the future as her trusted advisor if there is a change of circumstances.
Immigration strategies: Getting the U.S. off the dime By John T. Baun November 2006 In a recent National Law Journal article, reporter Sheri Quarters detailed a tack of how an immigration lawyer may get bureaucracy off the dime when immigration application processing is delayed or non-existent.
INA provision trumps customary international law By Jason Green March 2006 Customary international law is the practice of states accepted as law. U.S. courts have long held that customary international law is part of U.S. law.
International commercial arbitration: An introduction By Jason B. McGary January 2006 The landscape in which international disputes are resolved is changing rapidly. The once generally held belief that the adversarial judicial process was vastly superior to the superficial and unpragmatic “inquisitorial” process that is alternative dispute resolution is being abandoned on a large scale
International delegation of judges, lawyers, professors and government officials visited Chicago By Violeta I. Balan March 2006 An international delegation of judges and many distinguished lawyers, professors and government officials from around the world visited Chicago on January 18-20, 2006.
Investor-State disputes By Mark E. Wojcik August 2006 Investors have choices. They can put their money into businesses in their home countries, or they can invest abroad.
Law Library of Congress: Global Legal Monitor By Caitlyn McEvoy September 2006 A new addition to the Law Library of Congress is the Global Legal Monitor. Available as a PDF document, the Global Legal Monitor can be found at  or by clicking the Global Legal Monitor link displayed on the Law Library of Congress main page.
Message from the Chair By Shannon M. Shepherd November 2006 A message from Section Chair Shannon Shepherd.