International and Immigration Law

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Section ProspectusThe mission of ISBA International and Immigration Law Section

  • to improve the knowledge and skill of Illinois attorneys in the fields of international business law and immigration law and to inform the general public about these growing areas;
  • to raise the awareness of section members about the legal and political issues of international law, both public and private;
  • to raise the consciousness of Illinois lawyers representing the foreign born in general legal matters;
  • to publish newsletters and sponsor seminars and conferences in furtherance of these goals.

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Federal 7th Circuit / Civil

Aliens  |  Petition for Review, Order of Board of Immigration Appeals

Ramos v. Barr, No. 19-1728 (November 7, 2019) Petition denied

Federal 7th Circuit / Civil

Aliens  |  Petition for Review, Board of Immigration Appeals

Malukas v. Barr, No. 19-1633 (October 15, 2019) Petition denied and dismissed in part

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