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Asylum seekers to face hardships under new federal legislation By Sarah R. Weinman & David W. Austin June 2005 The United States as the home of freedom has long been a place where individuals who feared for their lives because of political beliefs could find refuge. A must-see for any asylum attorney By Shannon M. Shepherd March 2005 From the novice to the seasoned veteran, the Web site is a resource no asylum practitioner should be without.
Business immigration law update By Gabrielle M. Buckley November 2005 The H-1B visa allows employers to sponsor a foreign national for a temporary professional position (e.g., engineer, financial analyst, physician, graphic designer, researcher) if the foreign national has at least a bachelor’s degree in the specialized field normally required for the position.
Case law report By Angela Peters July 2005 The American court properly declined to return the children to the father in Sweden, where the court found under Article 13(b) of the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction that returning the children would cause them grave risk of physical or psychological harm or otherwise place them in an intolerable situation.
Chair’s Column: Restoring belief in International Law By Mark E. Wojcik January 2005 Editor's note, this column by Section Council Chair Professor Mark E. Wojcik appeared in the first issue of The Globe this year and is being re-printed due to the number of responses we received, including the letter following this article.
Chair’s comments: Seventh Circuit Judge Diane Wood to speak at Asylum CLE By Juliet Boyd September 2005 The International & Immigration Law Section Counsel is excited to sponsor the upcoming continuing legal education seminar on asylum jurisprudence at its Chicago regional office on November 11, 2005 at 9:00 a.m.
Conviction for DUI that results in bodily injury is not a crime of violence or aggravated felony warranting deportation under the Immigration Act By Pradip K. Sahu March 2005 In November 9, 2004, the United States Supreme Court issued its decision in the case of Leocal v. Ashcroft.
Editor’s comments By Lewis F. Matuszewich December 2005 With continued contributions from the International and Immigration Law Section Council membership, we are able to present this fourth issue of The Globe this year.
Editor’s comments By Lewis F. Matuszewich November 2005 Welcome to the third issue of The Globe for the year.
Editor’s comments By Lewis F. Matuszewich September 2005 In this issue of The Globe Scott D. Pollock, Vice-Chair of the International and Immigration Law Section Council introduces a new column, "Immigration Consultation Corner."
Editor’s comments By Lewis F. Matuszewich July 2005 Welcome to the first issue of The Globe for the 2005-2006 year. We are working with Juliet Boyd, the new chair of the International and Immigration Section Council.
Editor’s comments By Lewis F. Matuszewich June 2005 As Editor, I wish to thank all of the contributors to The Globe. We are pleased to produce this eighth issue for the current year.
Editor’s comments By Lewis F. Matuszewich May 2005 This issue leads off with Section Council Chair Professor Mark E. Wojcik's comments on international law in the U.S. Supreme Court entitled, "International Law and the U.S. Supreme Court: Tales of Foreign Cruise Ships, Consular Notification, and the Juvenile Death Penalty."
Editor’s comments By Lewis F. Matuszewich March 2005 I appreciate the members of the Section Council and others who continue to contribute a significant number of articles covering a wide range of practice areas and topics.
Editor’s comments By Lewis F. Matuszewich January 2005 Welcome to the fifth issue of The Globe for the current 2004-2005 publishing year.
An excellent program on international commercial arbitration By Shannon M. Shepherd December 2005 The International & Immigration Law Section co-sponsored a complimentary program titled “Current Issues in International Commercial Arbitration” on Friday, November 11, 2005 at the ISBA Chicago Regional Office.
Foreign investment in Ontario: An introductory guide to the regulatory environment By Randolph M. Wright & Scott D. Relf March 2005 Generally, most foreign investors looking to develop/purchase a business within Ontario will enjoy many of the free-market benefits afforded to resident investors.
Foreign-Owned Business Registration March 2005 The Investment Review Division of Industry Canada1 regulates certain foreign investment in Canada under the Investment Canada Act.
Free Embassy Newsletter Provides Information on Jordan By Mark E. Wojcik September 2005 The Embassy of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan publishes a quarterly newsletter that is available to interested persons upon request.
From the Chair July 2005 At the organizational meeting of the International and Immigration Section Council on June 17, 2005 at the ISBA Annual Meeting, the members of the Section Council discussed the positioning of the Section and its programs for the coming year.
From the Chair: Section activities to support the rule of law in other nations-From Iraq to Belarus By Mark E. Wojcik January 2005 The ISBA Section on International and Immigration Law has increased its involvement in activities that promote the rule of law around the world, and that help to bring a better understanding here of the importance and role of international law.
From the former Chair By Mark E. Wojcik July 2005 The ISBA Section of International and Immigration Law had an especially interesting and productive year, and it has been an honor for me to serve as Section chair.
The global textile and clothing industry after the WTO Agreement on Textiles and Clothing: It’s the end of the (quota) world as we know it By Jessica T. DePinto May 2005 January 1, 2005 marked the end of import quotas on textile and wearing apparel products made in World Trade Organization ("WTO") member countries.
Globalization of human rights law: U.S. Courts v. the Executive Branch By Christopher Scott Maravilla January 2005 The increasing globalization of the adjudication of human rights abuses in national courts and international tribunals has given rise to a paradox in the American political system.
Government lawyer argues “Assassination is not Torture”-7th Circuit Court disagrees January 2005 In Comollari v. Ashcroft, decided August 10, 2004, the 7th Circuit disagrees with the government's proposition that "assassination is not torture" because there can be painless death.
Immigration Consultation Corner: #1-Expedited removal consequences By Scott D. Pollock September 2005 A U.S. citizen comes to see you about her husband, who was deported from the U.S. after attempting to enter on a false passport.
Immigration Consultation Corner: #2- International students—Changing non-immigrant visa status in the U.S. By Scott D. Pollock December 2005 A foreign national comes to see you about attending school in the U.S. She last arrived two weeks ago on a B-2 visitors visa.
Immigration law alert By Gabrielle M. Buckley March 2005 The president signed into law legislation which reinstates certain H-1B requirements and adds certain fees and restrictions relating to H and L visa status.
Immigration law update By Alen Takhsh May 2005 The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit affirmed the order removing Luis F. Padilla to his native country of Mexico for giving a police officer false information following a traffic violation.
Information about PERM applications By Scott D. Pollock June 2005 A new process for Applications for Labor Certification went into effect on March 28, 2005.