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2019 Articles

Succession planning: The proposed Supreme Court Rule 781 By John T. Phipps January 2019 At the June 2018 ISBA Annual Meeting, the ISBA Assembly approved the proposed Illinois Supreme Court Rule 781, which was drafted by the ISBA Special Committee on Succession and Transition Planning and is awaiting review by the Illinois Supreme Court Professionalism and Rules Committee.
Tangential relationships for the ‘winding down’ attorney: co-counsel, of counsel, referring attorney, tenant, etc. By Leonard F. Amari May 2019 Oftentimes, a lawyer who is ready to quit the practice of law elects to downsize rather than completely shutdown, often entering into an agreement with another firm or lawyer. These relationships, however, create the very real risk of vicarious malpractice liability.
This is when you know it may be time to ‘hang it up’ as a lawyer By Mark D. Hassakis May 2019 Signs it is time to consider retiring from the practice of law.
What happened to the senior lawyer listserv? By Don Mateer January 2019 Information to get involved in the Senior Lawyers discussion on ISBA Central.
Why I Fish By Herb Franks September 2019 Although being a senior lawyer has its perks, it is important to find enjoyable ways to unwind.
Young lawyer buying out a law practice with a retiring senior partner and the issues related thereto By Leonard F. Amari & Trent West March 2019 A look at the issues any young lawyer must consider before deciding whether to buy out a retiring lawyer's firm.