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Newsletter Articles From 2001

Book review April 2001 The following is a book review published in Chicago Daily Law Bulletin Thursday, January 18, 2001, page 2, column 1.
Breaking impasses in settlement conferences: five techniques for resolution October 2001 Parties frequently reach a stalemate while relatively close to a settlement figure. Under these circumstances, where no objective basis exists for recommending a specific number, splitting the difference may overcome the deadlock
Breaking impasses in settlement conferences: five techniques for resolution. July 2001 Although my settlement conferences are always begun as a facilitative mediation, I am not reluctant to suggest a single settlement number when an impasse arises and both parties desire my input.
Breaking impasses in settlement conferences: five techniques for resolution Part I: creating a range By Hon. Morton Denlow May 2001 Being able to break impasses between parties is often the true test of a judge during settlement conferences
Case summaries October 2001 American Service Insurance Company v. Olszewski, No. 1-01-0515 (1st Dist. August 20, 2001). The requirement in Supreme Court Rule 213(f) that, upon interrogatory, a party disclose the identity of witnesses he intends to call to testify at trial and the subject matter of their testimony is mandatory.
Case summaries July 2001 The trial court took under advisement cross motions for summary judgment in a declaratory judgment action in a dispute over a contract to lease real estate with an option to purchase.
Case summaries May 2001 The State's Attorney of Lake County brought this mandamus action seeking an order that Judge McKoski sentence the defendant convicted of three counts of predatory criminal sexual assault of a child to consecutive rather than concurrent sentences.
Case summaries January 2001 This was a medical malpractice action. McDonnell, a diabetic with a history of three hip replacement surgeries, went to the emergency room on November 8, 1986.
Clarence Darrow remembered By Michael B. Hyman October 2001 Perhaps America's greatest trial lawyer ever, Clarence Darrow, called Chicago home.
Cook County Chief Judge Donald P. O’Connell retires effective July 31, 2001 By Hon. Michael Jordan July 2001 Following Judge O'Connell's announcement in June that he planned to retire, articles in all news outlets unanimously heralded O'Connell's judicial career as having been nothing short of perfection.
Current and future work of the IPI Civil Committee By Curt N. Rodin January 2001 The IPI Civil Committee has recently published the 2000 Edition of Civil Jury Instructions.
Hon. William G. Clark, former chief justice, former attorney general, former legislator died August 17, 2001. By Michele M. Jochner October 2001 Former Illinois Supreme Court Justice William G. Clark died at age 77 on August 17, 2001.
Judge Timothy C. Evans elected chief judge in Cook County By Retired Judge Michael Jordan October 2001 On Wednesday, September 12, 2001, the 258 judge Circuit Court of Cook County met in the Daley Center and selected one of their own, Timothy Charles Evans, Presiding Judge of the Law Division to serve the balance of the term of retired Judge Donald O'Connell as well as a new three year term running until December 2004.
Judicial general election By Hon. Dennis M. Dohm April 2001 The results of the November 7, 2000, general election are now in. Candidates running for judicial office who were elected are listed below, with their party affiliation and city of residence.
Judicial retention election By Hon. Dennis M. Dohm April 2001 The 1970 Constitution, article VI, section 12(d), provides that an elected judge may seek to be retained in judicial office upon expiration of the judge's term office.
Meet the new supreme court justices April 2001 Justice Fitzgerald is a graduate of Loyola University. He received his LL.B. from John Marshall in 1968 and his J.D. cum laude in 1970.
Recent amendments to Supreme Court Rules April 2001 M.R. 3140 amends Supreme Court Rules 87 (Arbitration), 94 (Arbitrator Oath), 212 (Use of Discovery Depositions at Trial), 381, and 383 (Motion Practice in the Supreme Court) effective March 1, 2001. (The full text of these changes is available on the ISBA website.)
Recent judicial appointments and retirements October 2001 1. The Supreme Court has accepted the resignations of the following judges:
Recent judicial appointments and retirements July 2001 1. The Supreme court, pursuant to its constitutional appointment authority has appointed the following to be Circuit Judges:
Recent judicial appointments and retirements May 2001 1. The supreme court, pursuant to its constitutional appointment authority, has recalled retired Associate Judge Donald J. Hennessy effective March 1, 2001, in the 18th Circuit.
Recent judicial appointments and retirements April 2001 1. The Supreme Court, pursuant to its constitutional appointment authority, has made the following appointments:
Recent judicial appointments and retirements January 2001 1. The supreme court, pursuant to its constitutional appointment authority, has appointed Timothy Paul Nierman to the 15th Circuit Court effective October 11, 2000.
State appropriations to court system for fiscal year 2002 By Hon. Dennis M. Dohm October 2001 In "An Act making appropriations" (P.A. 92-3) for state fiscal year July 1, 2001, to July 1, 2002 (FY, '02), the General Assembly made the following appropriations to the Illinois Supreme Court for the operation of the Illinois court system (similar appropriations made for the prior two fiscal years, FY '01 and FY '00, are also shown):