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2007 Articles

Administrative Order limiting number and length of published opinions in Appellate Court is repealed By J. Timothy Eaton February 2007 On December 18, 2006, our Supreme Court issued a very succinct Order repealing its prior Administrative Order 10343, which was entered on June 27, 1994.
Attorney independence? Remember The Alamo! By Hon. Ron Spears June 2007 The right to counsel does not just extend to popular or “deserving” causes or individuals.
Chair’s Column By Hon. Michael Kiley December 2007 An introduction to the issue from Chair Michael Kiley.
Chair’s Column By Hon. Michael B. Hyman November 2007 A message from Section Chair Michael Hyman.
Crawford v. Washington—Confrontation clause By Thomas A. Bruno August 2007 The Illinois Supreme Court has decided a case on the Confrontation Clause that takes us back to the days of Sir Walter Raleigh.
An example of amendments that create new problems in Administrative Law By J.A. Sebastian November 2007 The following is a brief summary of attempts by the General Assembly to address a civil practice-pleading problem that, by piecemeal amendments, has actually generated more problems than the original legislation was enacted to address.
How lawyers can temper judicial temperament By Hon. Michael B. Hyman August 2007 A steady, fair-minded temperament is one of the most defining attributes of a judge.
Independent research on scientific issues by judges must be carefully weighed and considered By Hon. George D. Marlow February 2007 Since relevant science can, often conclusively, resolve a case or controversy, society has a profound interest in having its judges welcome reliable scientific evidence with open arms and an open mind.
Judicial perspective on discovery disputes By Hon. Barbara Crowder November 2007 Discovery sounds at first blush like a fun, interesting detective activity entered into by counsel and parties to exchange facts and ideas in anticipation of settling or trying cases.
Lawyers under the influence: Lives, livelihoods, and legacies By Michael J. Murphy & Warren D. Wolfson December 2007 Understanding alcohol and drug abuse will make us better judges, better attorneys and better law students.  
An MCLE program on “Colleagues in Crisis” By J.A. Sebastian December 2007 On Friday, December 7, 2007, at 9:30 a.m., at part of the ISBA Midyear Meeting at the Sheraton in Chicago, the ISBA Bench & Bar Section and Illinois Judges Association, together with the Commission on Professionalism of the Illinois Supreme Court, will present “Colleagues in Crisis.
My story By Michael J. Murphy December 2007 One lawyer's story of his struggle with alcoholism and recovery.
A New Year’s resolution: Read new Rule 213 By Hon. George S. Miller February 2007 An amended 213 (IL ST S.Ct. Rule 213), covering written interrogatories to parties, is effective January 1, 2007. Paragraph (f) provides that for each lay or independent witness, the party answering the interrogatory must identify the subjects and opinions from the witness to the extent of the party’s knowledge.
Nunc Pro Tunc By James J. Ayres June 2007 A court is asked to enter an order deeming some act or event as nunc pro tunc.
Recent amendments to the Illinois Supreme Court rules By Michele M. Jochner August 2007 Since the beginning of this calendar year, the Supreme Court of Illinois has made several amendments to its Rules.
Recent appointments and retirements December 2007 The Illinois Supreme Court, pursuant to its constitutional authority, has appointed the following to be Circuit Judge:
Recent appointments and retirements November 2007 Recent changes to Illinois' Judiciary.
Recent appointments and retirements June 2007 Recent changes to Illinois' Judiciary.
Recent judicial appointments and retirements August 2007 Recent changes to Illinois' Judiciary.
Recent judicial appointments and retirements February 2007 Recent changes to Illinois' Judiciary.
Reflections on 50 years of practice By Hon. Roger W. Eichmeier June 2007 The commencement of the 50th year from graduation from law school, obtaining your first job, and being admitted to the bar bring reflection on your career and the changes over that time.
Residency rule for judges is unconstitutional: Madigan By Alfred M. Swanson, Jr. February 2007 Attorney General Lisa Madigan has opined that once circuit judges elected from a single county or subcircuit are retained in a circuit-wide election, they are no longer required to live within the boundaries of the county or subcircuit from which they were initially elected.
Restorative justice—Restoring the peace By Judge Sophia H. Hall November 2007 Restorative justice is a little-known alternative to litigation, arbitration, and mediation.
Substitution of Judge: Recent case law By Susan M. Brazas February 2007 The Illinois Code of Civil Procedure provides direction on the procedures to request a substitution of judge.
Twenty-second Judicial Circuit comes to life By Hon. Michael J. Chmiel June 2007 On December 4, 2006, the Twenty-Second Judicial Circuit of the State of Illinois came to life.