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2011 Articles

Admitting a party’s discovery deposition By Jeffrey A. Parness June 2011 The case of Berry v. American Standard, Inc., 382 Ill. App. 3d 895 (5th Dist. 2008) prompted the recent amendment to Rule 212(a)(5) allowing into evidence an unavailable party’s discovery deposition pursuant to the “sound discretion” of the court when it “will do substantial justice between or among the parties.”
Beyond the verdict II: Jurors evaluate By Hon. James Varga October 2011 In part one of this article the author described the procedure and results of from 10 jury trials. In this second part, the author explains the significance of the results.
Beyond the verdict: Jurors speak out By Hon. James Varga June 2011 In the first part of this article, the procedure and results of from 10 jury trials are described. In the second part, the significance of the results is explained.
Brookbank v. Olson: Can a judge excuse a party from signing requests to admit? By Hon. Daniel T. Gillespie May 2011 The courts are divided on the question of whether a trial judge can allow a party’s attorney to sign and verify a response to a Supreme Court Rule 216 request to admit facts when the attorney cannot locate his client.
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Catch the replay: Collect all six hours of PMCLE By J.A. Sebastian May 2011 For those who missed “The State of Civility and Professionalism – 2011" held on March 18, 2011, the ISBA provides a replay. Go online or call the ISBA at 1-800-252-8908 to order.
Chair’s column By Hon. Michael J. Chmiel October 2011 An introduction from Section Chair Mike Chmiel.
Chair’s column By Michael J. Chmiel August 2011 An introductory note from Bench & Bar Chair Mike Chmiel.
Chair’s column By Thomas A. Bruno May 2011 A message from Bench & Bar Section Chair Thomas Bruno.
Chair’s column By Thomas A. Bruno March 2011 A message from Bench & Bar Chair Thomas Bruno.
Douglas holds the record on the United States Supreme Court By Michele M. Jochner March 2011 Appointed in 1939 to the U.S. Supreme Court, William O. Douglas served on the bench for more than 36 years and endured two impeachment proceedings.
Excerpts from the “state of the Federal District Court” address on June 20, 2011 By Hon. James F. Holderman August 2011 Read a portion of Judge James Holderman's remarks.
Gender and the Judiciary—A view from the newest justice on the Illinois Supreme Court By Ellen Ogden August 2011 An interview with Illinois Supreme Court Justice Mary Jane Theis.
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Illinois Supreme Court announces new public domain citation system, ending era of printed volumes By Joseph Tybor & Hon. Alfred M. Swanson, Jr. June 2011 The Illinois Supreme Court has mandated a new way of officially citing its cases and those of the Illinois Appellate Court starting July 1, 2011. This new method will save Illinois taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars a year by eliminating the need to publish and purchase the official opinions in bound volumes.
Impacting the Public’s Perception of our Courts: A Professionalism Program in the Circuit Court of Cook County By Jayne Reardon March 2011 A summary of the program sponsored last spring by the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism.
Internet evidence: How to authenticate evidence from the Internet under the new Illinois Rules of Evidence By George S. Bellas & A. Patrick Andes May 2011 A look at the relative simplicity of authenticating Internet evidence and the novel applications under the rules to this point.
An interview with the other Holmes By Hon. Michael B. Hyman October 2011 An imagined conversation between the author and Sherlock Holmes.
An inward look By Hon. E. Kenneth Wright, Jr. March 2011 A reminder that judges should always strive to be patient and dignified.
Judicial independence By Terri L. Mascherin May 2011 Once we place judges on the bench, so long as they remain competent to serve, they should be free to interpret and apply the law in good faith, regardless of the political implications of their decisions.
Law Day: A perspective on our profession By Thomas J. Kasper March 2011 Law Day, recognized annually on May 1st, celebrates the liberties enjoyed by the people of the United States and calls for a rededication to the ideals of equality and justice under U.S. law.
Letter to the editor August 2011 A letter from Judge Susan Zwick, Circuit Court of Cook County.
A look at first offender deferred judgment By Joe Cataldo August 2011 ISBA’s proposal #97-20 proposes a first offender deferred judgment sentencing option for certain felony offenses.
Meet Scribes—A society that promotes legal writing excellence By Norman Otto Stockmeyer May 2011 Scribes is a national organization dedicated to the twin goals of encouraging legal authors and improving legal writing.
One bite at the apple: Examining pro se litigants’ right to appointed counsel in civil cases By Hon. E. Kenneth Wright, Jr. October 2011 The Sixth Amendment ensures that individuals facing criminal charges have the right to appointed counsel; however, no such right exists in the civil realm. Whether a court appoints counsel to a pro se litigant in a civil case largely depends on court resources as well as the availability of pro bono programs.
Perception vs. reality: Money in judicial elections By David W. Inlander & Ronald D. Menna, Jr. March 2011 A contrast between the approaches taken by Illinois and New York to reduce the public's perception of the role money plays in influencing judicial elections.
Perceptions of justice and fairness for pro se litigants By Hon. E. Kenneth Wright, Jr. May 2011 The question of pro se litigants’ access to courts and the amount of permissible judicial interference in their cases demands our full attention.
Recent Appointments and Retirements October 2011 Recent changes in Illinois' Judiciary.
Recent appointments and retirements August 2011 Recent changes in the Judiciary.
Recent appointments and retirements June 2011 Changes in the Illinois Judiciary.
Recent appointments and retirements May 2011 Changes in the Illinois Judiciary.
Recent appointments and retirements March 2011 Changes in the Judiciary.