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Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum By Hon. Edward J. Schoenbaum, (Ret.) May 2017 Learn more about the exciting developments and exhibits within this popular museum and library.
Addressing the challenge of pro bono legal service By Deane B. Brown October 2017 Bench & Bar Section Chair Deane Brown discusses some possible solutions to the challenges of pro bono work.
The bench, the bar and the lunch table By Evan Bruno September 2017 In Champaign County, where author Evan Bruno practices criminal law, Bunny’s Tavern in Urbana is every Wednesday’s lunch spot. Any lawyer or judge, regardless of practice area or experience, is welcome. Every legal community needs such a lunch table.
Blurbs on briefs By Hon. Richard P. Goldenhersh December 2017 After 29 years on the appellate court, Judge Richard Goldenhersh has accumulated some practical experience with briefs. He shares his observations here.
Boring but useful tools: Prerequisites to filing for foreclosure under federal mortgage programs By Eric Sirota July 2017 The tools with which Bankers Life v. Denton provides to foreclosure defense attorneys extend beyond defending against the foreclosure of FHA loans
Broadening our horizons By Hon. Michael B. Hyman April 2017 While the legal systems of other countries may differ, the way people react to the legal system and lawyers is often similar to our own. By considering how our peers from around the world have dealt with some common issues we may learn something about ourselves.
Busted: The myth of the digital native By Samantha Swartz August 2017 Judge Walker's second summer extern, Samantha Swartz, says while it's assumed that millennials are naturally gifted when it comes to technology, it's better to say that they're ready and willing to adapt to tech challenges.
A call for caution when limiting the public’s access to criminal courtrooms By Evan Bruno February 2017 This article examines the delicate—and often blurry—line between a judge’s permissible exclusion of persons from the courtroom and the unconstitutional denial of the defendant’s right to a public trial.
Can a defendant be compelled to submit to a Rule 215 physical or mental examination? By Albert E. Durkin January 2017 Are there circumstances where a plaintiff can request that the Court compel the defendant to submit to a physical or mental examination by a physician designated by the plaintiff?
Can justice be served online? By Jayne R. Reardon April 2017 The author shares her recent experience with online dispute resolution, and ponders the effects of this growing form of conflict resolution on the legal system and even our understanding of fairness and democracy.
Celebrate pro bono – October 22-28, 2017 October 2017 Check out the list of great programs and events happening around the state during this year’s celebration of Pro Bono Week.
Chair’s column: A bias-free profession By Hon. Michael B. Hyman January 2017 A bias-free profession is the goal. While it is essentially an impossible goal, justice demands that each of us try.
Chair’s column—Dealing with pro se litigants: A view from the bench and bar By Deane B. Brown December 2017 The ISBA Bench and Bar Section Council recently engaged in a spirited discussion on dealing with pro se litigants—an issue which persistently challenges lawyers and judges alike.
The challenge of pro bono legal service By Deane B. Brown August 2017 An introduction from Bench & Bar Section Chair Deane Brown.
Circuit Judge Valerie E. Turner officially retired By Hon. Edward Schoenbaum, (Ret.) December 2017 Circuit Judge Valerie E. Turner of the Circuit Court of Cook County was officially retired from office on December 1, 2017, by order of the Illinois Courts Commission.
Civility matters By Jayne Reardon November 2017 Our democracy is complex and challenged regularly by controversies, complications. We should not allow the natural tendency to grab a headline or obtain a click, a retweet or retort, to undermine the need for thoughtful and respectful problem-solving.
A commitment to truth By Hon. Michael B. Hyman August 2017 Author Michael Hyman suggests that the recent assault on the concept of truth is also an assault on our legal system.
Cook County Judge Debra Walker is first judge to receive NCBF Excellence Award By David M. Anderson March 2017 Judge Walker is the third person and first judge to receive this award, which recognizes an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to law-related philanthropy.
Do corporations need an attorney in administrative review hearings? By Hon. Alfred M. Swanson, Jr. (Ret.) March 2017 The Supreme Court, in Stone Street Partners, LLC, v. The City of Chicago Department of Administrative Hearings, specifically declined to decide whether a corporation must be represented at an administrative hearing by a licensed attorney.
E-filing update ahead of the Jan. 1 deadline for civil cases By Christopher Bonjean December 2017 For many court users, e-filing is already here. The transition began in July 2016 and now boasts over 22,000 registered users and averages around 5,000 e-filings every business day.
Editor’s column By Hon. Edward Schoenbaum, (Ret.) December 2017 A message from the editor, retired Administrative Law Judge Edward Schoenbaum.
Editor’s column By Edward Schoenbaum, Jr. (Ret.) September 2017 An introduction from Editor Ed Schoenbaum.
Editor’s column By Hon. Edward J. Schoenbaum, (Ret.) August 2017 A message from Newsletter co-editor Ed Schoenbaum.
Editor’s introduction By Hon. Edward Schoenbaum, (Ret). July 2017 A message from the newly appointed Editor, Hon. Ed Schoenbaum.
Editor’s note By Hon. Edward J. Schoenbaum, (Ret.) November 2017 An introduction to the issue from Editor Ed Schoenbaum.
A few words on why lawyers still admire an Illinois lawyer named Abraham By Hon. Michael B. Hyman February 2017 No lawyer remains as popular with Illinois lawyers as Abraham Lincoln, even though Lincoln last appeared in a courtroom nearly 160 years ago.
The First District affirms sanctions against a judgment debtor raising frivolous defenses By Alissa Kelso & Rodney Perry November 2017 On October 27, 2017, the Illinois Appellate Court for the First Judicial District decided Williams Montgomery & John Limited v. Bret Broaddus.
Forensic tools solve new, cold cases By Sandra Blake May 2017 New developments with examination of finger and palm prints are helping to solve cold cases around the country.
How civil lawsuits in Cook County proceed to resolution: Mediate—Don’t litigate! By Hon. Charles R. Winkler December 2017 Help spread the word about how mediation can help clients settle their cases.
The ideal standing order: What should be included? By Deane B. Brown June 2017 A list of rules and procedures that should be included in a standing order in every Illinois trial courtroom.