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2008 Articles

Prepare for their return before they go By Frank M. Grenard September 2008 This fall, the Illinois National Guard will send a combat brigade to Afghanistan to lead in the training and mentoring of the Afghan National Army and the Afghan National Police.
Professional service as an in-house attorney By Peter S. Trotter July 2008 Professionalism and civility are considered to be important characteristics of an attorney. In order for in-house counsel to act with professionalism and civility in the performance of their duties, certain challenges and special circumstances must be addressed.
Proposed FMLA revisions are a “mixed bag” and provide employers almost no guidance regarding new Family Military Leave By Ellen M. Girard March 2008 On February 11, 2008, the Department of Labor (“DOL”) issued proposed revisions to the federal FMLA regulations and identified issues for comment under the new FMLA categories concerning family military leave.
Recent case involving the non-enforcement of non-solicitation agreements By Peter LaSorsa September 2008 Last spring, the Third Circuit Appellate Court in Illinois upheld a Will County Judge’s decision and held an employment agreement, which restricted the ability of the employee to solicit customers of the employer post-employment, was not enforceable due to a lack of adequate consideration notwithstanding that it was signed at the time the employee was hired by the employer.
Recent Supreme Court and Ninth Circuit decisions: Employment and labor decisions By Gary R. Clark July 2008 On June 19, 2008, the Supreme Court and the Ninth Circuit issued four decisions resolving key questions in labor and employment law which are summarized below.
Software Trial Agreement December 2008 A sample agreement for software trial.
Summary of recent Illinois and 7th Circuit decisions By Raymond A. Fylstra July 2008 Trial court erred when it granted summary judgment to the owner which paid funds to the general contractor in response to a payment application which listed a balance due to the electrical subcontractor.
Will your people go the extra mile? A hard look at human capital By Brian Carlsen September 2008 Finance leaders are accelerating efforts to leverage the crucial link between people performance and financial performance.