1999 Articles

The constitutional right to a healthful environment By Eric M. Schwing & Babette P. Salus June 1999 Sugar Creek in Williamson County has been identified as one of Illinois' most biologically significant streams.
Executive Summary: Chicago Metropolis 2020—Preparing Metropolitan Chicago for the 21st century By Elmer W. Johnson May 1999 The recommendations are driven by a dream of what our region can become and are built on a common interest that crosses municipal boundaries.
Harmon strikes sour note with U.S. EPA By Phillip R. Van Ness June 1999 A recent decision by the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri (Smith, J.) has raised the ire of U.S. EPA, which has filed an appeal with the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals.
Illinois House Smart Growth Task Force Final Report May 1999 In 1997, the American Farmland Trust,* a private non-profit organization, published a report on metropolitan regions at high risk for loss of prime farmland.
Introduction May 1999 Planning for future growth is very much in evidence in this pre-millenium year.
Promoting sustainable and beneficial reuse of contaminated sites: developments in the federal Brownfields Initiative By Mike Anastasio June 1999 As the United States approaches the next millennium on the shoulders of a robust economy, there is an underlying challenge facing the country