2021 Articles

Illinois Issues One of the Lowest Health Advisory Guidance Levels in the Nation By Matt Walker & Jessica Rosell March 2021 On January 28, 2021, the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency took a significant step forward to address a class of emerging contaminants in drinking water when it released non-enforceable Health Advisory Levels for four different per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances.
Killing Factory Farm Funding to Resuscitate the World Food Economy By Carlie Leoni & Kenneth Anspach March 2021 Economic disruptions from a global pandemic combined with a movement toward conservation, sustainability, and animal welfare could provide the impetus for regulatory reform that alters farming from a self-interested industry to a more responsible and sustainable sector health­fully feeding a growing population.
Nationwide Permit 12: Vacatur, Modification, and Challenges By Lisa A. Decker March 2021 A look at the ongoing legislation and rulemaking surrounding oil and gase pipeline permitting under Nationwide 12.