2000 Articles

Applicability of Fourth Amendment to administrative hearing evidence By Paul E. Freehling May 2000 On October 28, 1999, Judge Robert Boharik of the Circuit Court of Cook County issued a written memorandum order in Isa Bros., Inc. v. City of Chicago, No. 98 CH 17389.
A call for anecdotes concerning unauthorized practice of law in an environmental context By Stephen F. Hedinger January 2000 I venture to guess that virtually all lawyers practicing law for some minimal period of time have witnessed at least one instance of some non-lawyer performing a service or act which lawfully can be performed only by a lawyer. Realtors do it.
Illinois Rivers 2020: A vital investment in Illinois’ future By Corinne Wood June 2000 Recently, I have been traveling across Illinois to build public support for a bold initiative, which will address the economic and environmental issues concerning the Illinois River and its tributaries.
The Illinois Supreme Court rejects a private right of action under Illinois’ Lead Poisoning Prevention Act By Charles J. Northrup May 2000 On July 1, 1999, the Illinois Supreme Court issued its opinion in Abbasi v. Paraskevoulakos
Indexes to government resources June 2000 Supplies information and links pertaining to a wide range of federal government agencies and programs.
Inside June 2000 The lead article for this issue of the Environmental Law Newsletter is a timely and informative explanation by Illinois Lieutenant Governor Corinne Wood of the Illinois Rivers 2020 program, which is an ambitious and forward-looking initiative to improve the condition of the Illinois River Basin, a project which could have substantial economic and quality of life ramifications for the majority of Illinois citizens
Inside May 2000 With this issue we present two articles concerning lead-based paint. The first is by Gaylene Vasaturo, a USEPA Region Five counsel heavily involved with lead-based paint issues.
Lead paint poisoning law and enforcement: a federal perspective By Gaylene Vasaturo May 2000 The number one environmental health problem facing American children is lead poisoning.
A look at the Pollution Control Board’s Website June 2000 The following is a cleaned-up printout of the "links" area of the Pollution Control Board's website, which can be accessed at http://www.ipcb.state.il.us/
“Taking the Fifth” at an administrative hearing By Rosalyn B. Kaplan May 2000 During contested cases before administrative tribunals, it sometimes happens that a witness refuses to testify on the ground that his answer might tend to incriminate him.
The unauthorized practice of law…by attorneys By A.J. Birkbec January 2000 In recent years, the focus of the legal profession's attention with respect to the unauthorized practice of law has been on violations by non-attorneys.
Update: Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals hands Harmon and friends big win over USEPA on “overfiling” issue By Phillip R. Van Ness January 2000 Readers of this newsletter will recall my recent comments regarding a decision by the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri (Smith, J.) in Harmon Industries, Inc. v. Browner, 19 F.Supp.2d 988 (W.D. Mo. 1998)