2019 Articles

Environmental Law Column By Kel Goff October 2019 Summaries of environmental law cases of interest.
The Great Lakes Legacy Act: History and implementation 2002-2018 By Emma Geiger March 2019 The history and implementation of the Great Lakes Legacy Act over the past 16 years, from its inception to present day.
How to become a food lawyer: A smörgåsbord of tips from a seasoned practitioner By Michael R. Reese May 2019 Food law in the United States is a vast and fascinating area that has grown tremendously in the last decade.
Illinois Supreme Court will decide dispute between Pollution Control Board and Illinois EPA By Raymond T. Reott March 2019 In a pending Illinois Supreme Court case, County of Will v. Illinois Pollution Control Board, the court will shed some light on the authority of the Pollution Control Board and the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.
In America, we make things—that is what we do: How PFAS became the acronym du jour By William J. Anaya May 2019 Recently, new concerns have been raised with products that have been remarkably popular and effective—specifically, per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances.
New owner of contaminated property is liable for cleanup costs incurred before the purchase By Raymond T. Reott March 2019 The phrase “buyer beware” has been part of the legal lexicon for many years. The third circuit recently reemphasized its appropriateness in the context of environmental risks in property transfers.
Significant 2018 Federal Court Decisions in Environmental Law By Kenneth Anspach December 2019 Summaries of recent federal court decisions in environmental law.
Solar Energy in Illinois: An Overview of New Opportunities for Solar in Illinois By John Albers October 2019 An overview of the substantial growth solar energy is poised to see under the Future Energy Jobs Act.
A Tale of Three Levels: Cleanup Costs, Vanishing LLCs, and Frackers’ Futures By Prof. James T. O’Reilly December 2019 The commercial value of fracking is well known, but what will be its lasting impact?
The Year in Review: Illinois Environmental Case Law Review By Lisle A. Stalter October 2019 Summaries of recent Illinois environmental law cases.